X-Factor - can't believe it!!!


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No, I wasn't surprised.

Love Ben though - he was always my favourite:( He'll do well anyway, but surprised to see him go so far in the competition. Wouldn't be surprised is Ray wins now.


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Is anyone else as surprised as me about last night's result!!! :eek: :eek:

Yes, particularly as Ray spectacularly managed to fail to hit the correct note even once during his performance! He appeared to then panic, then turned on the taps, pretending to get all emotional! He thought he'd screwed up - that's why he was crying!

Now we're stuck with the talented but cold-eyed personality-less one, and the one that looks like a cross between Ed munster and a ventriloquist's dummy!


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I cant believe it....its meant to be a talent show....surely ray shouldve gone ages ago!

Exactly, especially as he only scraped in by the skin of his teeth anyway!


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It's long been anything to do with talent - this is a personality contest first and foremost (not least the personalities of the judges). Which is why I think Ray has a far better chance of winning than Leona now as his personality is probably far more appealing to the Great British Voting Public (ie. the middle-aged, young girls, family types and anyone else who isn't out enjoying themselves on the town on a Saturday evening! :rolleyes: )

I predict:

Ray will record ONE album of 'old standards' which will sell to a devoutly M.O.R. loving audience, then spend the rest of his career (however long that might be) on the West End stage in various musicals;

Simon will manage Leona, sign her up to his record label and promote her as 'the UK's answer to Whitney Houston' on both sides of the Atlantic;

Ben will disappear, maybe go to America for a while, record an album of soft rock 'classics' plus a few self-penned singles, do a fairly successful tour - and then probably vanish in the mire of that difficult second album;

Louis will achieve enormous success with Eton Road who will become one of THE biggest acts of 2007!

Who said it's all about winning? :rolleyes: :cool: :D


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an injustice has been done, to us the final was allways going to be Leona & Ben, but now its obvious who is going to win cos Ray is just a one trick pony, as they say. sometimes, as has been proven in the past it's better not to win!


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I have to say, I find your view points quite shocking:eek:

Not because you don't think Ray should have got through, but you can be so harsh about his looks and obvious talent.

Ray is not the best singer by any stretch of the imagination, but he can sing. He wouldn't have got this far if he couldn't.

The xfactor is to find the person with the xfactor. Not the best singer. You may or may not agree whether he has the xfactor or not, but he certainly owns the stage and is works harder at entertaining the general public than the other 2.

I would say he is probably more professional in his delivery too.

As for the tears. Both Leona and Ray shed a couple. Ben did at another time. I think they were all genuine. I'm b****y sure I would have cried if it was me too! The atmosphere in that place would have been terrific. The work they have put in, with the highs and lows, would have been like a rollercoaster. It was a very emotional time for them. If I had sung Rays song at that time and looked at my family...I would have definitely shed some tears. Wouldn't you?

He's just a kid. He's younger than my own son. I think he's done amazingly well.

I think they've all done amazingly well:eek: Leona does nothing for me. There is no escaping that she has an amazing voice. My DH who is a lady singers addict, watched her with dismay and didn't like her at all. This is a first!

I really liked Ben's voice. Whether he had more xfactor than Ray I don't know.

Yes, Ray scraped through, but it wasn't his fault. Good on him. He couldn't have expected that. Kudos to him.

What does it matter anyway? They'll all go on to do well if that's what they want. Certainly no need for name calling about his looks. It could have been worse. It could have been me:eek::eek: Now that would have broken your screens :D


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My 20 cents

I can be a cruel cruel wench when i wanna be...but

Ben: Long haired, singer who looks severely constipated when sings. Been there done that...used to tour...in a band...so much for amateurs giving it a go...

Ray: dubbed 'Panto Boy' and was really upset - but lets face facts here - i can see him topping the bill as Peter Pan...or the artful dodger...which isnt a bad thing.
Whats his problem eh? i remember him in Brookside...he wasnt the hip swinging gelled haired lad he is now...its an act...but an act that will sell records? Cant see. Theres always been one Dean Martin. There aint room for another baby! Want him to win only because

Leona - Parents paid a whooping 80K to bring out them golden vocals...same you cant buy personality - ouch...before i get accused of being a female 'basher' i can assure you i am not...but she stands there...belts out the tune...doesnt engage me one jot...she can sing...but then alot can sing with more depth and feeling and have already been slated by judges before her

Simons constant praise must be ringing in her ears...whether she is 'keeping grounded' or not. I know my head would be swollen like a giant zepplin...so where does it leave Leona...

Probably winning...thats where. Massive riches - yeh most likely - but shes a shark...a shark in a cesspit of 'professionals' on a low budget (well minus the judges fees) talent contest for ameteurs and her parents paid 80K for the pleasure.

Now...i feel almost...relaxed

Who should win? well the McDonalds...at least they brought something to the stage with them...it may not have been the golden vocals or something that Senecot coulda fixed...but still...

Edited cos i read Karion post there - girl, dont bust my guts...



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its a good x factor ...tonight don't mind who wins


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I have to say, I'm loving Ray more and more each week.

I was a Ben supporter from the start, but Ray amazes me.

He's so entertaining, and so happy and relaxed up there. I was talking to someone the other day who went to dance classes with Ray from the age of 6. She said that he's such he's really lovely.

Sorry Leona :( She just doesn't catch my attention :( ....whoops she's singing at the mo...must try and concentrate


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Oh...should have said...don't mind who wins really...

Blast... she's finished.


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I don't agree with either of you, and find Ray incredibly grating. But the world would be a very boring place if we all agreed on everything eh? :)


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I don't agree with either of you, and find Ray incredibly grating. But the world would be a very boring place if we all agreed on everything eh? :)

He is an entertainer and as such I would go to see him :)

I thought he was extremely polished tonight and confident:D

I felt he sang well with Westlife and that they let him take the spot light.

Whereas Take That was a bit over powering for Leona, they got in her way...

I had Leona to win, but feel Ray will get it going by tonight!

The world would be absolutely boring if we all agreed all of the time for sure...:p :D

Love Mini xxx


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I don't really want either of em to win TBH, although Leona's voice is amazing. I'd be more likely to go and see her, you'd have to put me in a straitjacket and knock me out for me to see Ray, but I feel exactly the same way about West life as well!


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None of them have really grabbed me this year......but I have to say I really think that Ray will win as he is more charismatic (although I'm not keen on him - I find him a bit cheesy!) ........I think it's gonna be another Will v Gareth scenario....everyone was sure that Gareth would win and then Will did (yipee...I love Will):D That said I don't think since the very first Pop Idol that none of the Programmes quite compare.....bit like Big Brother.....the first was the best now it's just a place for desperate wannabes.....still watch though...LOL:eek:



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My prediction is Leona to win - I think all the hype in the papers about Ray being the favourite and women never winning has been planted by Simon's company to encourage people to vote for Leona (cycnial - me?). She has got an amazing voice and although I agree she is lacking in the personality department I don't think that matters - once she has been signed it will be all spin and hype anyway, she'll have people telling her what to do and say and sing.

aaargh show business - who'd want it??