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xencial and periods


I am fairly new to xenical started off taking it about 2 and a half weeks ago, and the pounds seem to be coming off ok, so far no side effects.

But I am over a week late with my period, the only times I have ever been late before was when I was pregnant. I have taken a test which is negative so I was wondering if xenical can delay/ make you skip periods? It says in the leaflet that between 1 in 10 and 1 in 100 experiance mentrual irregularity so I am not stressed out, but wondered if anyone else has experianced this?
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I've personally not, infact its been the opposite for me lol
I have PCOS and for the first time in about 20 years I have a regular cycle :D I have heard of others though, who in the first couple of months have become irregular with their cycle.

It is same for me! Thank you for posting this FizzBuzz! I know I'm not alone! I'm a week late and normally dead-on, I've had period pains and the bloated feeling all week but not actually come on xx


plodding away
Am perimenopausal myself so am all over the place and would prob not notice any difference. But it is a listed side effect so could be causing you to be late.

I only took xenical for a few weeks, but my period was late and I didn't actually get it until I stopped taking it.
snap fizzbuzz!! i have mine too now, lol! and mine is ALOT lighter and no pain at all! strange isnt it! xx
i too can be one or two weeks late , but the blaoting and feeling as though im just about to is there for them weeks .. but i guess ill live :p as long as i get where i wanna be x

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