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Xenical and Dukan?

I started Dukan last week and have lost half a stone in the attack stage :happy036:

I've got another 4 and a half stone to go and wondered if also using Xenical would help or if it would be unwise.

I believe Xenical from my dr (who said ages ago she'd consider it for me) has to be combined with a weight loss programme, is anyone here combining both?
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Violet is shrinking
I don't know of anyone who has used Xenical along side Dukan, the most common weight loss program to follow while taking Xenical is WW and SW.

When taking Xenical you don't have to follow a diet plan, sticking to the 2 rules to Xenical works (that's what I was doing)

If you wish to take Xenical, you have to make sure you follow the 2 rules and I don't know how they would fit in with Dukan. For example, you can't have no more than 5grams of fat per 100grams and no more than 15grams per meal..

all cheese, spreads, butter, cakes, biscuits are out.. this includes go ahead and the lower fat alternatives.. fish can be dodgy as can eggs.. if you eat meat you need to eat as lean as possible, chicken is ok :)

I think you'd need to do a little research before committing yourself..

Dukan is low fat too. We are basically have days whic are protein days (lean meat, fish, we're also allowed eggs and zero fat dairy only) then protein and veg days so the same but with veg.

How are eggs with Xenical?

Choccie x


Violet is shrinking
Eggs aren't too good with Xenical... they usually make you have a bad reaction in the toilet department.

Dukan sounds like it would work ok..it may be worth you carrying on with Dukan for a week but applying the 5g rule along with (without taking Xenical) it just to see if what you're eating now fits with that rule.
why no try a month one month off trial??.. i think going on such a drastic diet regime can only lead "in my experience" to failure!!.. watching the scales drop massively is great but takes massive amounts of discipline!... :)
i actually found weightwatchers cakes deserts and lower fat versions okay a lot are under 5g of fat.. Go aheads are over the 5g rule but i was okay on them as a rare treat... in sainsburys they have choc sponge puddings at 1.8g per 100g and low fat custard tops it off nicely... so many diff things you can eat if you shop around.. sainsburys also have low fat steak and mince (steak 3.2g fat per 100g and mince around 4g per 100g) turkey chicken tuna is also good.

i can make spag bol , stir fry , sunday dinner , and many more of my fav rules with everything under 5g of fat per 100g and around 15-20g per meal.

not to mention the lovely frozen yogurts and sorbets now in shops that taste soooo yummy and under 5g rule.

things i stopped eating was... bread (pitta instead) sauces , butter , oils.. some fish , eggs , unfortunatly xenical doesnt determine the diff between the good and bad fats =[.

but i think xenical and other diets doesnt do as well as xenical alone. x

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