Xenical Need Help!!!


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"Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome, I am on weight loss programme through the doctor, taking xenical, I have lost 3 stone to date, but I am really struggling now, I was 16 stone 13lbs Now 13stone 13lbs.

Any help and advise would be greatly received" :)

Can anyone help out Emmaga above please:confused:

Thank you:)

Love Mini xxx

did you loose all that weight taking xenical?

thats excellent. I took xenical and only lost a few pounds! so now im trying out the cambridge diet!

Me too I found after 2 weeks on xenical it was having no effect on me or my body. You are the first person I know of that has lost weight on them...well done for getting so far.

What has your gp said, have you told him/her you are struggling and how they can help you.

Good luck xx
I am not a big fan of weight loss remedies as they often dont work. I tried very expensive ones during my size 20 days but the only thing that worked was me cutting down or saying goodbye to the food.
I know its hard but price must be paid for all the good things.

Yes I lost this weight with xenical, plus I changed my pill ( I honestly don't think my pill was doing any thing for my weight)

I really think I just have to step up the deit and excesize and really go for it, I was looking through some of your before and after pictures and has given me alot of encouragment. thank you.

What’s the difference between xenical & reductil?

Has anyone tried reductil?

hi guys!

Ive just been prescribed xenical by my doctor.

Not sure if thats a good or bad thing......mmmm

Years ago, my doctor kept trying to 'push' Xenical on me (in fact, he was so strenouous in his efforts I started to suspect he had shares in the company! ;) ). I just kept refusing as I didn't fancy the nasty side effects experienced by most of the people I'd spoken to who had taken it.

I'm really glad it's worked for you though Emma - just shows that it's very much a case of 'different strokes for different folks' :)
What side effects does it have? My doctor mentioned if I was trying hard to lose weight hed prescribe me 'something' but did mutter something about side effect but didnt elaborate and just said we can discuss that if I was going down that road. Im going back to see him a week on Monday and would be interested in going forewarned :)
hey guys!

I dnt agree, well i didnt have these side effects when i took xenical last year
If u dont try them you will eva know as we are all different

Plus u only get the runs on xenical if ur eating fatty foods, SO if u get the runs it means ur eating the wrong types of food - SIMPLE AS!!!

Oh I'm not saying it's a terrible 'drug' (I can't think of the right word) to be on. Just that those are the side effects, granted if you eat fatty food, but side effects all the same.

Everyone is different, and different approaches work for different people. It also changes the way you eat as you avoid fatty foods and eat more healthy options in order to avoid the side effects.

I hope nobody has taken offence to this.
dnt worry bout it hun!

were all in it together here! All got the same goal - to loose weight!

Hi I have been on every pill imaginable to lose weight, xenical, reductil, & various other herbal preparations as well as some dodgy speed type drug which I had to go to see a "dr" for and pay alot of money for.

I did not lose weight with any - infact I put it on, I was severely depressed and having heart palpatations and so decided to stop.

I am really glad it has worked for some people though as someone else has said - each to their own.

Things are working out for me on LL as it helps me try & understand why I overeat, I am learning about my unhealthy obsession with food and hopefully I will learn how to control it.

I am realising though that I have not got a life long battle with my weight - I really only went from a size 8/10 to a size 18/20 over the last 3 years - I have a problem with addiction in general. Which is why the diet pills would never work for me as it did not address the real issues.

3 years ago I used to smoke (addiction) when I stopped I started to drink more (addiction) when I realised this was not doing it for me I started to eat (addiction) and woke up one morning fat.

With LL - I don't eat food at all and so have to deal with this addiction - I am getting there but will only really know if it works when I do start to eat again, which I am both excited and nervous about.

Phew sorry about all that don't know where all that came from, only wanted to fill you all in on my xenical experience and ended up pouring my troubles on everyone.:eek:

Take care everyone