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xGeordieGirlx's All New 2012 Diary - This Year Is My Year!

Well you guys, I'm back, once again!

I pretty much gave up on SW in November when I got back from Turkey. There was so much going on and I just lost all motivation and gave up...piled back on the 12lbs I had lost.

Now I'm back with lots of motivation! Really want to get back down to what I was pre-Turkey which was 9st 12lbs. I'm currently 10st 10lbs. Doesn't seem like much to other people but I can see and feel it's having a negative effect on me, and I need to get it off.

I know it's gonna be a long hard road, as it's always hard to get the last little bit off...but I'm gonna give it a good go!

So here we go. Day 1 of a new day, day 1 of my new way of life.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2012 bring you everything you want...I've got a feeling it's going to be a good one :)

GG xx
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Sunday 1 January 2012

EE Day

Breakfast: (Pre-healthy food shopping!): 2 Slices of Toast (I know I shouldn't but using this as my HEB + 1 syn as I have no proper bread yet - going shopping at 2) with 2 Fried Eggs fried in Fry Light with 1 tbsp of Tomato Ketchup (1 Syn)

Lunch: Quorn Chicken Fillet, Mashed Potato, Carrots, Broccoli, Green Beans and Sprouts with 2 Gravy (3 syns)

Dinner: Pasta with Tinned Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Onion, Peppers, Garlic and Chilli Powder

Snack: Handful of Blueberries and Melon. 2 poppadoms (4 syns)

Drinks: 4 Cups of Tea with Milk (HEA), 4 Pints of Water with NAS Squash

Exercise: Zilch - the gym is closed!

Syns: 9 (Technically 15 but using bread as HEB + 1 syn)
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Monday 2 January

Breakfast - scrambled egg with black pepper. Melon and blueberries

Lunch - sushi snack pack (1.5 syns) and a Tuna sandwich mixed with 2 tbsps of salad cream (3 syns) using 2 slices of WW bread (HEB) Banana

Dinner - chilli made with mince, tinned tomatoes, tomatoes, onion, pepper, garlic and chilli powder with a jacket potato

Drinks - tea with milk (HEA), water with NAS squash

Syns - 4.5

Exercise - another zilch - gym closed again! Won't be there til Wednesday now :(


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Welcome back hun, looks like you've made a great start to the year!! :)

I'll be joining you tomorrow - I have weigh in tonight at 5pm. I know I'll have had another gain, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I am now ready to put it behind me and get right back on plan tomorrow. I've even set up my new food diary in preperation for it - ooo, get me ;)

Will be keeping up to date with your diary and possibly pinching meal ideas :p Good luck xx
Hey you guys :) good luck...I had a big blip today - its my grandads 80th and we were out for lunch and dinner :eek: do back on it tomorrow. Also gutted cos I'm now doing a 14 hour shift at work do wont be able to get to the gym. Gonna have to take healthy snacks to work to take me into the night!

Good luck for tomorrow and Thursday guys, let me know the outcome :) xx


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Heyyyy stranger!!

How are you getting on? Did your Grandad have a good birthday?

I am back too, I have a stone and a half of post-Finley weight to lose! All thanks to my pregnancy cravings of Thornton's fudge and Treacle Toffee!!!

We can do this together ;) xx


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Not to worry hun! We all have little blips here and there, it can't be helped. The main thing is that you enjoyed it and are now ready to get back on the bandwagon! :)

At WI on Tuesday I somehow managed to lose 0.5lb! I'm chuffed. I'm aiming to lose 6lb by the end of January, which will mean I'll have lost everything I gained over the Christmas period.

How're you getting on today? xx
Woo Sara, good luck, you know it works so in very sure you'll do it! Your little boy is gorgeous, what a beautiful family you are!

Yesterday and today went badly. We've been manic at work. I hardly ate yesterday and today we got a free meal cos we worked through our lunch yesterday, so wasn't sw friendly. But it couldn't be helped.

So in going to draw a line under it and properly start tomorrow. I'm currently writing down all my meals for next week and I want to stick to it. Going to the gym on Saturday (haven't been yet due to working late - I was on my feet for 9 hours, it felt like a gym work out!).

I just really hope I can get back in the swing of things :( feeling pretty chubby at the moment which is not great!
Loopeylou said:
Hey sweetie, what's up? You know deep down you can do this, is there anything I can do to help (( hugs )) xx

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I've kinda decided slimming world might not be the best thing for me at the moment. I think I just need to be a lot healthier and exercise more. I crave chocolate and naughty food when I'm in slimming works mode, and it just gets me right off track.

I've had a good day today. Not ate much but what I have eaten has been good and I went to the gym this morning.

So I think I'll just stick to that for a whole and see how it goes. Going to try and cut down on carbs and eat more salad and veg...I'll still have my treats but in those days il cut down on what I eat. I'll still come on here and check in with you guys to see how your doing. Then maybe one day I can try SW again when I've got into better habits.
Thanks :) il defo be checking in with you!xx

I've just wrote down my weekly food and exercise plan. Feeling motivated. Let's hope this week goes well!!
My tea, tuna salad with sweet chilli sauce, yum!


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Doing well on the eating healthy and exercising front. Kind of applying some SW rules to what I'm doing and it's working! From last Saturday to today I've lost 4lbs and feel great :) 10.5lbs to go!
Another 2lbs lost this week. Had a huge treat day yesterday and just had whatever I wanted. Gonna work it all off at the gym today.

A possible naughty week coming up. Out for a Mexicans tomorrow with my team and then out with family on Thursday for tea. Gonna gym it hard on tues, wed and poss thurs morning as I go away next Friday so next weekend will be bad!

Happy though, 5lbs in 2 weeks :)