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xGeordieGirlx's Green, Red & EE Food Diary - I'm Back :D

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by xGeordieGirlx, 14 September 2010 Social URL.

  1. Heyyy you guys :) I decided to come back over to the food diary section as I miss all of the fab support from you all (not saying that the peope in the weight loss part dont support, but there seems to be a lot more people over here :) lol).

    I've been rubbish at SW recently, and have decided to document everything in my all new brand spanking food diary! I'm going to try and be 100% in all that I do from now on, cos I feel rubbish that I've been slipping and gaining.

    I have 8 weeks until Egypt, and I want to be as close to target as possible by then! I'm half way through my SW week, but have been so bad. So from tomorrow I'm going to be 100%. Hoping for at least a STS at WI on Friday, so fingers crossed!

    So, tomorrow is the day where I get myself back on track with food and the gym. I feel a bit more motivated and up for it now. I have to do this!

    Hope to hear from you lot who gave me lots of support and motivation when I used to post in my old diary - I need you guys :)

    Wish me luck :D will definately update my diary every single day!
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  3. Wednesday 15 September 2010

    Day 1 of 100%

    Red Day

    Well, here's to a new start :) feeling a bit better today (wasn't off the loo last night - I blame all the choc I binged on!!)

    Apologies to Allie, I am here there and everywhere, I'll stick to here now though. Hope you get out of your rut, here to help as always!!

    Feeling motivated to do the gym tonight :D for the first time in a month! Exciteeddd!

    Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA) and Sweetener

    Lunch: Bread (HEB) with 28g of Cheddar (HEA) mixed with 1 tbsp of Salad Cream (1.5 Syns) & Onion. Some Cherry Tomatoes & some Ham Slices

    Snack: Crisps (6.5 Syns)

    Dinner: Quorn Lemon & Black Pepper Escalope (7 Syns) with Oven Baked Tomatoes, Onion, Peppers & Garlic

    Supper: 2 Activia FF Yogurts & Elmwood Spicy Chicken Chunks

    Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk (Part HEA), 3 Pints of Water, 2 Pints of Water with NAS Squash and 2 Cans of Fanta Lemon Zero

    Syns: 15

    Exercise: Gym: 25 Mins on the Cross Trainer & 5 Mins on the Bike. Then 100 sit ups :)

    Soo pleased I got back to the gym, it killed me (hence only doing half an hour) but I'm gonna work my way back to my old fitness so I can do more and more. Woop! Feeling good even though I've had 15 syns!
    Last edited: 15 September 2010
  4. dreamaholic

    dreamaholic Silver Member

    good luck with the fresh start :) you can do it!!
  5. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

    Good luck fellow 100%er. You can do it. Once you are into the swing of it its not so bad :D
  6. Thursday 16 September 2010

    Day 2 of 100%

    Green Day

    Thanks dreamaholic & soccermom :) hopefully I can do this. Soccermom, you really inspired me to go 100%!

    Half day at work for interview, eek!

    Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA) & Sweetener

    Lunch: Jacket Potato with LCEL (HEA) and Beans. 1 Digestive Biscuit (3.5 Syns)

    Dinner: Noodles with Tinned Tomatoes, Chilli Powder, Tomatoes, Onion, Pepper & Garlic with some Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce (1 Syn) and 42g of Chips (4 Syns)

    Supper: 3 WW Brown Danish (HEB) with Margarine (1 Syn) and a Bag of S&V Crisps (5.5 Syns)

    Drinks: 3 Cups of Tea with Milk, 2 Pints of Water, 3 Pints of Water with NAS Squash & 2 Cans of Fanta Zero

    Syns: 15

    Exercise: 50 Crunches, 10 Full Sit Ups and 10 Minutes on the Cross Trainer (didn't have much time before work! Better than nothing though!)
    Last edited: 16 September 2010
  7. dreamaholic

    dreamaholic Silver Member

    of coz you can do it!! you're already in 9st something region - how I wish I could weigh less than 10 st!! what's your target?
  8. I don't have a particular weight target. I want to fit into size 10s if possible, so around 8st 5ish would do. So I'd really love to lose this 13lbs before 9 November so that I'm 9st before I go to Egypt. And obv I'll probably put some of that back on when I'm away. But want to get to full target before Christmas :) I hope I can do it. I've never really lost much on SW, cos I keep going off plan which is bad. I did think about a switch to WW, but I love SW and don't think I'll get my head around WW. Sigh. I'm giving SW the benefit of the doubt til my hols, and if it doesn't work I'm switching to WW when I get back from Egypt x
  9. Friday 17 September 2010

    Day 3 of 100%

    Green Day

    Well, I WI this morning and I STS. I am sooo happy. After that chocolate binge, I honestly thought I'd put on like 3lbs. So YAY. I believe I have my mojo back and I am gonna get back on it and be very good this week in hope of a loss :)

    Breakfast: 42g of Crunchy Bran (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA)

    Snack: Kellogg's Fibre Plus Cereal Bar (HEB)

    Lunch: Pasta with Tomatoes, Onion, Pepper, Spring Onion & Sweetcorn and 1 tbsp of Nandos Hot Sauce (1.5 Syns) and 2 Biscuits (4.5 Syns)

    Dinner: Jacket Potato with LCEL (HEA)

    Snack: Baked Crisps (5.5 Syns) & SW Wedges with Tomato Ketchup (1 Syn)

    Drinks: 3 Tea with Milk (Part HEA), 3 Pints of Water, 1 Pint of Water with NAS Squash and 1 Can of Fanta Lemon Zero

    Syns: 12.5

    No gym tonight after work as I have a doctors appointment. May do some at home, or may just go tomorrow :)
    Last edited: 17 September 2010
  10. Saturday 18 September 2010

    Day 4 of 100%

    Green Day

    Ahhh I love the weekends :) lovely long lie in and I'm still in my PJs just chilling out :)

    Gonna do a shop today, buy some quorn products since Sara's menu for the week sounded delicious, gonna try some myself :) thanks Sara :)

    Was considering going to the gym today but want to avoid driving as much as I can cos I'm skint and don't want to waste my petrol, so may do some exercise at home, and may go for a walk if the weather stays okay!

    Breakfast: 42g of Crunchy Bran (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA) and some Onken FF Strawberry Yogurt

    Lunch: 1 Mushed Banana on 3 WW Brown Danish (HEB) - YUM

    Dinner: Spag Bol made from Quorn Mince, Passata, Tomatoes, Onion, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Chilli Powder with Tagliatelle Pasta

    Snack: 2 Bags of Baked Chip Sticks (5.5 each so 11 Syns)

    Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk (Part HEA), 4 Pints of Water with NAS Squash & 2 Cans of Fanta Lemon Zero

    Syns: 11
    Last edited: 18 September 2010
  11. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

    No excuse not to go for a walk geordiegirl its lovely in our neck of the woods :D so pleased as we are going to a football match in gateshead and I hate it if it rains :D
  12. It's been beautiful hasn't it! The wind was a little chilly though! How was the football match? Hope your team won!

    Didn't end up going for a walk (yet anyway)..did my food shopping and had a little wander round tesco and matalan, then washed my car and made my dinner...and it's now almost quarter to 7 so I've not had anytime! Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow so I can go out (so I don't feel totally lazy!)
  13. SaraC

    SaraC Green Day Diva!!

    Ahh bless ya :D Glad I could have been of help, hope you enjoyed your Spag Bol!

    Did you get to go for a walk? The weather here has been awful, we did a quick dash to Asda before and got soaked just walking back to the car, grrrr! Summer has well & truly left us (if it was ever here to begin with!!)
  14. Awww, it's been beautiful here!!! Well, by the time I got my butt in gear and got ready, it was lunch time lol. So, I drove to Tesco, washed my car and then went and did my quorn shopping haha. Had a bit wander round the clothes, then went to have a wander around Matalan. Then I came home, pottered around, cleaned up a bit, made my food and by the time I had done all that it was almost 7pm and getting cold, so I didn't really have time to go for a walk!! I feel utterly lazy as I've not been to the gym since Wednesday. But it's been a nice day :)

    Isn't it strange that it was so nice here and your only like 3 hours away and it was raining. I'm sick of the English weather, I simply cannot wait for Egypt now!

    Hows your night going? Did you get some wine? xx
  15. SaraC

    SaraC Green Day Diva!!


    My night is going well, I'm sat here in my jamas with a bottle of Diet Coke and have just had some Quavers and a Caramel bar, voted for snacks instead of alcohol!!

    What are you up to tonight?
  16. Ohh get you being all good :) Did you enjoy your quavers and caramel bar?!

    I didn't do much last night to be honest, I havent had a night out in AGES, and nobody was out so I stayed in, as you saw on FB, in my PJs with a cuppa tea and watched X Factor and Phil Collins! Then had an early night. I'm getting boring in my old age!! xx
  17. Sunday 19 September 2010

    Day 5 of 100%

    Green Day

    Rainy day. Wish I had went out for a walk yesterday as probably going to be stuck inside today!

    Great North Run today - good luck to everyone doing it :) my friends bf is running it, so fingers crossed he gets a good time :)

    Lots of love going out to my friends, Tracey and Clare. Their Nanna died yesterday and it's so sad :( I hope they're doing okay (well, as okay as to be expected) and I'm sending them my best wishes. xxxxx

    Breakfast: 42g of Crunchy Bran (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA)

    Lunch: Sunday Dindins :) - Quorn Mince mixed with Onions & Passata, Smash, Broccoli, Carrot, Cauliflower & Green Beans

    Quorn Peppered Steak with Cheesy Chips:SW Wedges with 28g of Cheddar (HEA) and 1 tbsp of Tomato Ketchup

    Snacks: Kellogg's Fibre Plus Cereal Bar (HEB) and 2 Bags of Baked S&V Chip Sticks (5.5 Syns each so 11 Syns)

    2 Cups of Tea with Milk, 1 Options Hot Chocolate (2 Syns) 4 Pints of Water with NAS Squash and 2 Cans of Fanta Lemon Zero

    Syns: 14

    Exercise: 36 Minutes on the Wii Fit (including a 20 minute jog, snowball fights x2, bycicle, kung fu & boxing :D) - soo pleased I did this as I was beginning to feel lazy! Hadn't been on the Wii Fit for 45 days so the weigh in on it showed a 3lb gain (from my week off plan :( boo)...so I'm gonna use this as an indicator as how much I'm gonna lose :D woooop!
    Last edited: 19 September 2010
  18. Monday 20 September 2010

    Day 6 of 100%

    Green Day

    OMG. I am aching today. After 36 mins on the wii yesterday, and then 30 mins at the gym today, I can hardly walk. My back and legs are KILLING me! But, no pain no gain eh? Hopefully this'll aid me in my loss :)

    Can't believe Monday is almost over. The weekends just fly by and now the weeks are starting too as well.

    Gonna aim to go to the gym tomorrow, Wed and Fri this week for around 30-50 mins each time. Can't do Thurs as I'm at a meal for my colleague's leaving. But gonna make good choices - no starter and then a tomato based pasta for main :) sticking to diet coke too - gonna drive so that I have no choice :D woop!

    Can't believe it's day 6 of 100% either. I think it's going okay. I feel really bloated. Maybe I'm not having enough liquid? But then again I ALWAYS feel bloated. After everything I eat and drink I feel huge. Lets hope my 100%ness will show at WI on Friday! I really want to lose as much as I can for my hols, so I'm defo sticking to 100%. Only got one night out coming up, and even though we are going to cocktail bars, I'm gonna be super strict with my drinking, but still have a good time and prob just flexi syn it, and be reeally good and hit the gym for the rest of the week :)

    Think I have my SW mojo back big style, and am feeling quite motivated :D finally!

    Breakfast: 42g of Crunchy Bran (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA)

    Snack: Kellogg's Fibre Plus Cereal Bar (5.5 Syns - is this right? 111 calories is 5.5 syns right?!)

    Lunch: 4 Ryvitas (HEB) with LCEL Cheese Triangles (HEA) and Cherry Tomatoes. Bag of Baked S&V Chip Sticks (5.5 Syns)

    Dinner: Leftover Quorn Mince & Onions (from yesterday) with Boiled Potatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots & Cabbage

    Snack: LFN Yogurt. Two boiled Sweets (1 Syn)

    Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk (Part HEA), 2 Pints of Water, 2 Pints of Water with NAS Squash

    Syns: Either 12 of 12.5

    Exercise: Gym: 25 Minutes on the Cross Trainer & 5 Minutes on the Bike.
    Last edited: 21 September 2010
  19. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

    wow you are doing great keep up the good work :D
  20. Thank youu :) hope your 100% week is going well!! Will pop in on your diary in a bit :) x
  21. Tuesday 21 September 2010

    Day 7 of 100%

    Green Day

    I am still aching muchly today. Decided to have a night off from the gym so that my limbs can calm down and I'll go again after work tomorrow.

    Feel like I've been a fat pig today, I've eaten loads and used all my syns. Wonder why.

    I'm also insanely itchy :( I've been fine all day, then I get home and eat my dinner and I come out in a huge rash over the tops of my arms and my neck, and now it's gone down but I itch everywhere :( must be allergic to something. Dad thinks it's cos I've used different shampoo and I've had a cardi on all day so my hair hasn't touched my skin, til I took my cardi off when I got it. Hope it doesn't itch so much tomorrow. May have to have a shower to see if the water will cool it down.

    Breakfast: 42g of Crunchy Bran (HEB) with Milk (Part HEA)

    Snack: 1 Banana and 1 Kellogg's Fibre Plus Cereal Bars (HEB)

    Lunch: Tesco Sushi (didn't eat it all so 1 syn instead of 1.5), Discos (7 Syns), Quorn Chicken Slices.

    Dinner: Quorn Peppered Steak, SW Wedges and Oven Baked Tomatoes, Onion, Peppers, Garlic & Mushrooms

    Snack: Two Magical Elves (eek they were in Tesco and it made me feel christmassy lol) - 7 syns

    Drinks: 2 Cups of Tea with Milk, 2 Pints of Water, 3 Pints of Water with NAS Squash

    Syns: 15

    Exercise: 30 Minute Walk at Lunch and 10 Minutes with Weights
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