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ProPoints xjacqui37x 4th wi

Hi all

Well first weigh in today and i was a bit upset :(, but did manage to lose 2lbs.

The reason for upset is that with being first wi i thought i would of lost 4-7lbs :eek: but didnt.

I know the reason behind of this was on thursday was totm and in the past while doing diets i was always on the injection so i never had this problem, and with being first totm while on diet im hoping to putting it down to that :confused::confused:.

Other hand i only ate 3 pp of my weekly allowance and im thinking if i would of had all 49 omg :eek: i wouldnt of lost at all!!!!! :sigh:

Now im scare to use me weekly if i need them.

Oh well a LOST is a LOST and im happy with it just wish it was a bit better.

House weighin scales are in the bin so i cant check how im doing in the week and omg im missing them already lol but i will be stronger and just do at meeting hahaha.

I know this is a bit long but if you get it off chest you dont half feel better for it, and as this is going to be posted weekly, its easier to put in one post.

Have a good day/week all and be good :D
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2nd weigh in

Hmmm not sure what to think about this week's weigh in.

Firstly i done really well all week, not used any weeklies and then my mum rings to say her foster child wanted me at the meal (just girls) and it was on sunday. Well i thought no i dont want to as its only second week, and secondly i would upset foster kid. I decided ok ive got all weeklies and daily and i went. Was really careful etc etc and felt full so finished eating.

Next day was weigh in day and i lost 0.5lb, which is good because obviously i used my weeklies and the leader said "all you can eat chinese could easily add to over 100 pp's", i dont know if she was saying that to make me feel better or what, but at least i didnt sts or gain from day before :D

So all in all 2 weeks and 2.5lbs off, not great i know but ill keep plodding on.

And ive hardly eaten today neither as been so busy busy busy. :rolleyes:


I have used all my weeklys every week, im on my 6th week and in total ive lost 10.8lbs So i wouldnt be too strict
3rd weigh in

Well im absolutely over moon that i lost only 0.5lbs again lol, only because i have only eaten maybe 1-2 meals aday and not ate healthy but i know i didnt go over my points but i didnt track anything.

Well going morrison's or asda soon to get me food that i need loads of veggies and fruit.

Was thinking of having more stir fry's, wraps and stuff like that for this week as me and eldest son loved eating nice stuff like that, specially tikka chicken in wraps with asda good for you mint and yoghurt sauce omfg well nicer than the kebab shop and save loads of pp too :D

Right reported this week and hopefully i get 4 for next week lmfao i doubt that as im slow loser, bye for now ;)
feel like throwing towel

for last time and not bothering with any diets as im living proof, no matter which diet im on im just a really slow slow loser and tbh im getting sick of it now!!!!!!!!!

Well i put 0.5lbs on so week 5 and ive only lost 2.5lbs and normal people would of lost in first 5 weeks a good half stone - 10lbs its so frustrating!!!!!!!!! :confused:

Home doesnt help neither tonight as im feeling so down and cant stop crying, my middle kid is getting picked on by eldest and youngest and it kicked off as i was finishing off my tea in other room, thank god youngest was with me but he started it off by punching middle kid, who then was having fit in front room and giving attitude to eldest who then started on middle kid, who ran outside screaming, i had to get him back and then told him to go upstairs to calm down, so i sneaked behind him making sure he dont do nothing to self and he kept saying he hates his life, house, family and i was just sat at the door sobbing :cry: listening to him, i went in and hugged him for ages and said im tryin to do the best i can for him and he not blaming me just his brothers. And i am tryin hardest but im just keep thinking and keep sobbing :cry: and with putting on aint helping never i so just feel like giving up again!!!!!

I dont want to be losing slow i want to be at least 1-2lbs a week and i would be happy but its obvious i cant touch dailys if this is the case, and i thought they were there for a reason!!!!!!! Slimming world just as bad and if i exercise i would gain loads to and to top it off im sure im due my monthly too, and best is i have no money at all now for fruit or veg till next monday im just totally bleeped off :mad::mad::mad:


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Oh dear so sorry you havin rough time but try to keep at it and it will come off the weight think positive easier said than done
Sorry things are rough at the min, I've lost 1.5lbs in 3 wks just so you know you're not alone! It's a pain but we will both get there. I'm upping exercise and water this week... Try to keep the heart up x
Dont put urself down, youve still lost and thats the most important thing!

Where abouts in manchester are you from hun? x
Week from Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just horrible week tbh, with putting on last week, totm on friday, son who has autism has been told he going from high dla/motability to nothing as he dont need anymore caring, WTF THEY TAKING THE **** im up all night with him, he has no sense of normal life outside he needs care all time, but no cos school gives him a good report cos its his routine at school they refused me and school were shock (was there blooming fault) i didnt get his claim again, of course he good there cos he starts when he gets home, its like shaking a bottle of coke and opening it straight away when he home, and they have no medical evidence ERMMMM FRECKING DOCTOR SAID HE GOT IT AND ITS ON HIS RECORD!!!!!! ohhh they have really made my weekend horrible and i had to try to explain to him that his car is going to go back, he broke down crying as it will be going back day before his birthday, and we suppose to be going far (car ride) to his birthday party so he not happy bunny.
i have never relied on his dla as this can happen, but did rely on the extra you get on child tax and carers allowance so i have gone from 190 a week to only 40 a week, and if i wanted a job he aint going to stay at some stranger house with other children as he doesnt communicate well with others he will just panic and anxious, and i would have to work full time not part time. and obviously find a job thats let me leave straight away if he having one of his dicky fits and wont calm down. great hey. im trying my best for all my kids and yes i would love for him to be a normal child of 8 years old and do fun stuff like the others do and play outside and live a normal life so i could go out to work and socialise with adults but that aint the case grrr no matter what i cant win for anyone. :needhug:

Apart from that i dunno how well ive done tonight at weigh in, tbh if i put on i have and i will have to get on with it, as had hardly no veg or fruit last week as was totally skint on monday to buy what i needed for that week, but i did buy the oriental book and have asda delivering me all the spices etc etc on wednesday so week looks like im eating oriental food hahaha.

Sorry for moaning and ranting yet again!!!!! but i honestly thought this year was going good but jesus anyone else noticed that once you have your first kid everything and anything goes wrong and nothing goes right at all lol.

Yes and i blooming lost 1.5lbs finally hopefully it will carry on losing, and had more fruit smoothies this week not much veg so going to keep going on with that :D :clap::bliss:

bye for now :D
Hi all

Not been on for ages, just had to much going on at home

I decided to rejoin weight watchers last week as a last resort, i need to shift this weight for the last last time :D.

Going on hols in august and only 9 weeks away and i want to be at least a stone under what i am now, so fingers cross i can do this.

Well i lost 5.5lbs today omg dont think ive ever lost that much in one go :eek: lol well not for long time anyways but yes im happy and determined to carry on this week and put some exercise in this week to.

Will report next week too :flirt2:

have a fab week all, i know i will :D

Hey all

Well TOTM half way threw it this week and i thought i would have at least a gain or sts but i lost 2.5lbs!!!!!!!

yes 2.5lbs i just can believe it omfg im still giddy about it.

THATS 8LBS IN 2 WEEKS hahahahaha never done that before :D

well had to report and off now to do other stuff

have a good week all xx
Hey 3rd week in and lost 1lb :D

Tbh i was bit gutted, thought i was on a roll, but when i sat down in meeting i thought i would of lost at least 2-3lbs, but then i realised, i didnt have no weeklies, which i dont anyways, and been a few days where ive not eaten enough and had to put extra on to make my pp's up which i didnt eat grrrr, so all in all im happy lol

Roll on next wi
Well lost 1lbs this week, totally wasnt expecting that as used all weeklies and extra :D

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