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xmas is nearly upon us !!!

xmas is nearly upon us ,wot if anything would u be willing to subsitute for instance cheddar cheese could be subsituted for ex light philly for the odd cracker !!!!

i love stilton and loads of othere chesses so i am willing not to buy any and have philly instead !!!

what do we think about this and what would u be willing to subsitute!!!
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UMMMMMM....... Nothing I plan on eating on Xmas day and yeap ashamed to admit it I so want chocolate!!! Would have waited 3mths to have some and Im going to enjoy it too :)
Your so good Jet!!! Hope you have a happy xmas ......
trust me vikki im not good ,ive had another day off dukan yesterday !!!!!! but u enjoy ur chocolate when u have it !!!!
You're a better person than I, Jet:eek:.

I will try and go for Dukan-friendly alternatives over the festive season (so Christmas eve and Christmas day for me) ie have extra fish/meat/veg and less starches (which I won't miss, have yet to enjoy a plate of pasta:() but I will not be missing my cheese (even though I have a little each day) although I'll go easy on the bread because it doesn't like me too much now! And I fully intend having a wee dram too (on both days).

I can give or take cake, tbh, unless people get upset that I won't taste it so I do (won't happen with family though) but I brought home a Christmas pud so I am definitely having some - and will freeze the rest in tiny portions if the others don't want it (and have that for pudding each time I have a gala meal).

Oh and I'll have some choc too, but am going to indulge myself and get some really, really good ones (read expensive) and squirrel them away so the kids don't eat them and savour them (will only buy half a dozen, so that gives me 3 per day). I haven't missed chocolate at all. Think my sweet genes have died out during this diet!

Good luck everyone! Happy Christmas planning (says she, who bar a Christmas pudding hasn't bought a single present - for the others - have ordered mine from husband:D - card, roll of paper, etc. Need to get going!
robinhood - I know what you mean about the sweet genes. I'm usually a raving sweet-tooth, but have calmed down considerably since being on Dukan.

My Christmas intentions are positively angelic. I aim to stick completely and totally to the diet. However - visiting my family and the in-laws will be very, very difficult, meal-wise - so I may be forced to eat some non-Dukan-friendly food. I'll try and keep it to an absolutely minimum, though - ie a small amount of gravy.

I'm one of those annoying "stick with it through hell and high water" people, I'm afraid! But I don't blame anyone for having a bit of a treat at Christmas - you can always make up for it with some PP days later.
Good luck Dukandebut!

I'm going to my parents for xmas.
Xmas eve will be difficult, its usually a drinks and nibbles and cheese day. I'll be working in the morning (and maybe afternoon depends when they declare we can sod off) so can be good then.

Planning to have some meat(Mums ham and salf beef, not dukan but not too far off) and salad in the evening and hope I dont get tempted by pretzals and mini cheddars and twiglets.

Christmas day I'm going off plan.
Will try and have some dukan friendly brekkie (family tradition is pate on toast and bucksfizz).
Lunch is roast beef, I'll probably have some stuffing and yorkshire pud, veg and maybe potato depending how I feel.
Tea is usually nibbles and dessert, I dont have a plan for this yet.
Depends how stuffed I am - this is probably the dangerous time.

Boxing day is usually cold meat, cheese, salad. I may sucumb to cheese. Ahh cheese.

I will be drinking, will try and resist the baileys.

Chocolate - I've bought myself a 4 pack of thorntons salted caramels for christmas and another for my birthday (they are already stashed at mums to not tempt me).

Couple of days PP, then birthday, then london trip, then pp with avengence, apart from some bubbly on NYE.
wow you are way too good Jet if you wont even eat cheese on xmas day :p

I dont think the actually xmas lunch is too bad with the ham and the turkey and some roast veg (or if your like me and live in australia and its going to be around 40C it will most likely be salad) Its all about having some control when it comes to the desserts and sweets!!

Im glad i can make xmas my celebration meal:cool:
lol Jet good on you ..I plan having xmas eve night to boxing day night off dukan
I will go without stuffing and yorkshires as i dont want to be too bloated
I dont like xmas cake or pudding either and i doubt i will eat as many mince pies and clotted cream as i would of done most years
Im not buying as much cheese and im tempted to make oatbran crackers !!!
But chocolate wise im not going to have the will power i doubt ....and as for the baileys triffle they will have to form a que behind me !!!!
ill be having a non atkins xmas dinner (potatoes parsnip and yorkshires and gravy) but after that it will be cheese and left over meat. im not a fan of xmas pud or not one who sits and eats chocs either. ill be happy with my cheese fest!
I'm not really one for puds either unless its chocolate, in which case will have a wee bit. I will be eating cheese and wine, and enjoying myself. I will definitely be low carbing most of the time and not going overboard food wise at all plenty turkey and veg and soup with a bit of cheese will be my xmas fodder


Not very good at this!
My trouble is I seem to put the weight back on so easily and quickly I don't want to go mad and then spend the next month getting back to where I was before Xmas.


Dukan Ancestor!!
I haven't missed chocolate at all. Think my sweet genes have died out during this diet!
Ohh please pass some this way! My sweet genes have definitely not died out...

I am planning to ration myself to a choc, lebkuchen etc a day, and have the 25th 'off' there is no way around it. I have not planned it yet though.

the Christmas meal itself is probably quite manageable: The goose will be the killer, with crisp skin, but to go with that we just have red cabbage (I can make the dukan-friendly) and roast potatoes and veg that I can avoid, as they will need to be properly roasted in fat this time.
I'll have to see what's planned for the 24th and then juggle my permitted celebration and carb meals accordingly.
What I'd really like for Christmas to be able to have a glass or two of Champers with small dollop of sloe gin in it, some Terry's chocolate orange and a yorkshire pudding.... however, I really don't want to come too far off the diet. :cry:

I've lost 25% of the 40kgs (10kg) that I need to loose by April and I don't want to risk putting anything back on.

Could you ladies tell me, I know that alchol is off limits, but what about something like vodka and slimline tonic or coke zero (both of which have no carbs)? Just for Christmas day and/or New Years Eve?
yep vodka is the drink of dukan choice hun enjoy

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