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Xmas Party Dilemma

I've been SSing for about 20 weeks now and I can say hand on heart nothing other than packs and water have passed my lips - not even a nibble! During this time I've been on nights out with no problems - have even felt smug about the fact I can drive home and don't have a hangover the next day!
The trouble is that its my Xmas party next sunday and I really don't know whether to drink or not. I've been really missing alcohol lately (which is odd considering I've never been a big drinker - just the odd night out now and then but never at home) Some of my friends are trying to convince me to take the night off and I just can't decide! Right from the beginning I've said I'm going to stick to the plan 100% up until Christmas, have Christmas day off and then go straight back on the packs until I reach goal but now I'm wavering and just don't what to do. I think in the back of my mind - having the night off will mean I've failed somehow and will ruin all my hard work so far - although logically I know even I can't put 5st back on in one night! I also think having a drunken night out would hopefully make me feel 'normal' - something I haven't felt since I started SSing - I always feel like I'm the non-eating, non-drinking freak and that I'm just not as much fun (although my friends say otherwise)
If I do decide to have the evening 'off' even I realise I'll have to eat something first - but I have no idea what!
And how much difference would one night off actually make?
Any words of wisdom/advice for me anyone?

Thanks guys

MM x
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you have done so well. i couldnt ss for long broke it to start with for just one night and then another and another .... infact i gave up ss !!! do you think you could get straight back on to ss ? and drinking boozey when in ketosis is bad !!!! trhey always say that once you have broken it , it becomes more difficult ....
im just giving you rationale answers... my own view ( which would not be the right one ) is get slaughtered and stuff your face and dance til your legs drop off !!
im sure someone more sensible will be along shortly !!!!!


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I am a nightmare fr drinking and it is really dangerous but i stick to vodka and diet coke coke zero where poss and i would say it has not affected my weightloss to much, but be warned aparently i ate chessy chips last friday and have no memory of doing so probably explain why i have not lost any weight this week as of yet
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My honest advice would be to stick with SS if you can. You have done so well so far and it is understandable you would like a night off. However, drinking and SS don't go well together and is it worth the risk of struggling to get back onto SS for one night. There will be plenty of nights out for you in the future and think how proud you will be that you stuck to your original plan to the letter.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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