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Xmas Work Parties & Dinners

Hi there!!

Just wondering about this.....my work dinner is coming in 2 wks time with drinkies after dinner. What am I to do???? I'm in SS. I can't make an excuse and not go, 'cos I do that every Friday evening after work-just to avoid the afterwork drinkies:sigh:.

Any words of wisdom please??:rolleyes:
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I'm sticking to a small turkey salad (green leaves only) and water. Very dull I'm afraid! I'm anxious not to undo all the good work I've done. Everyone else is having a massive indian banquet.

They already know I have willpower - we've had three free for all banquet things with reps in the last couple of weeks, and I've either had a soup or abstained completely. The way I see it is, if I can't exercise restraint now, then what hope do I have of maintaining once I reach goal??
I'm in the same situation. I have to make excuses as to why I'm not going for drinks and we have our Christmas party very soon. I'm also on ss - on day 29 and haven't cheated once yet so I'm a bit gutted I have to go to the Christmas party. There is no way of getting out of the food so I'm going to have the dinner but not have any pudding or alcohol. Will have to think of an excuse yet again for not drinking!


try, try & try some more!
Hey!! well i must be REAL naughty!! coz i'm coming off SS for 2wks coz have about 2 xmas meals/functions and 4-5 nights out over that time...

Am gonna enjoy my 'holiday' and be back on in jan...

Personally i'm not worried about the restart, or not starting back. Theres nothing that will stop me starting back so i'm not worried about taking the time off to enjoy the festive season with my friends and family!!

Each to their own though! ;)

Deb G

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I'm on LL so with be SS. I'm missing the meal, but meeting them after for drinks, but as I'm driving I'll only be able to drink water. It'll be worth it - I'm currently on week 10 and lost 3 stone, so hope to lose another by Xmas - and I don't want to get out of the habit of this for the sake of a meal and a glass of wine.


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I am going to my works christmas do but am sole sourcing up to then. I am planning on driving to the do (as a taxi back costs £30+) so wont be drinking but I am going to enjoy the meal. I have a birthday party in 2 weeks for a friend (who has also done CD) and am going to drive & carry on with SS - she has respected this for me and will provide water lol.
I would enjoy the meal, dont drink as it is dangerous when on SS or - work up the plans, enjoy the meal, have a drink then your set for xmas and start back on SS either straight after xmas or in the new year. It is entirely up to you - like pp said, you can't put your life on hold :)
I am sure you will make the decision that is best for you
I'm a bore on this subject, get through this christmas and next year have a lovely meal, good healthy choices and who knows maybe even a glass of the fizzy stuff (not Asda's smart price sparkling water).
I seem to be really focussed on this diet, it's quite frightening for me because my days revolved around, what can I eat. xx


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This is a test, I have a party in two weeks and thought the same thoughts but I jumped ahead of everyone moaning and made myself designated driver.
Even if they say they are laying on transport make an exccuse that you need to be somewhere in the morning and have to drive so you daren't drink and drive.
I will make sure that when I am at my party I will be extra jolly so no-one can accuse me of being boring just cos I ani't drinking.

The other thing you could do is order lots of mineral water and then act like its neat vodka and pretend to get plastered - hard to keep up but worth a shot!!!!:D
Whatever you do have fun and remember its not forever....

Lil K

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I've decided not to attend any of the work do's this year - I'm making great progress on CD so don't want to break my determination!

It just so happens that my AAMW will coincide with Christmas day, so I will have a CD veg soup for starter, then the AAM, but will probably have a little more than the 50g turkey allowed, and not much veg. If I really feel the urge I will have the tiniest bit of xmas pud just to have the taste of it.

I aim to focus on dressing the table really nicely and having my CD flavoured water from a nice fancy glass, and joining in with everyone else while they enjoy the meal that I've cooked!

NewLife4Me - you could always try and do something similar and stick mainly to the protein in the meal (if you can pick turkey, then you are on to a winner ;)), and as for the drinks - you could make up a little white lie and say you're taking medication or had a bad head and so needed to take painkillers. You can hardly be expected to mix drink with drugs!! - and stick to fizzy/mineral water


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