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xsarahloux's Maintenance Diary


Hello peeps!!

Thought I'd better start myself a maintenance diary to keep me on track!

I think I'm weighing in at about 13st 5 as of yesterday. Goal is to be 12st by September so although I'm living on the maintenance board - I'm still trying to lose!!

Current plan is 2 shakes and a meal until I finish all my shakes. I was doing this last week and found that i wasnt actually very hungry so i was literally just having 1 meal. however i seemed to gain a few lbs during that week so perhaps the body didnt like that - so will try and get the shakes in too and see how that works out!!!

thats all for now!! TTFN!!

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Just getting me subscription in ;)

I'm in the same boat as you sweete xxx


maintaining since June'09
Hi Sarah .. nice to see someone else on here :)

I'm not surprised your body didn't like just having 1 meal and nothing else! You couldn't possibly be giving it everything it needs - much better, safer and more effective to stick to the plan! But you know that now and I'm sure this weeks result will be much better. xx


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Defo a better idea to make sure and have your shakes and a meal. Hope this week is a good one for you.


No longer a redhead though!
Hi Sarahlou, think we are in a very similar space right now. I am feeling fine with just the one meal, but have been making sure that I have two shakes as well. Am thinking about replacing one of the shakes with a breakfast - but still unsure right now.

I am feeling good with my loss and am now just over 13stone which is comfortable. Decisions decisions... do I go for another half a stone at a time to see how it 'fits' on me - am concerned that I'll wake up one morning with an 'old' face if I lose too much.

Lisa x


Gold Member
Good luck with the 2 shakes and a meal, I am sure you will have good losses by doing this. It will be interesting to see how it goes for you.


oh my god. what a week! how busy is my work?! flippin hectic thats how busy!!

feel knackered! TGI Friday eh!

So the plan kinda shot out of teh window this week. still havent had even one shake so i appear to have done exactly the same as last week! we'll have to see what the scales have to say about that.



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Aye, Mary speaks sense. Hope your not being silly and eating next to nothing missy :cool: x


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Haha I didn't, or did I?!!! Lol
hi gang,

sorry I've been a bit vague lately! work is getting me down massively and it makes me a bit bummed out frankly!

I'm looking for a new job, and work know that and i'm trying to recruit my replacement at the same time, but on top of that i have my usual monster workload and its leaving me no time to properly job hunt myself! i have people phoning me all the time but i dont get chance to call them back!

perhaps theyre doing it deliberatly so i struggle to leave! cheeky *******.

all in all feeling rather sorry for myself and desperatly want a holiday! but no pennies.

i still havent had even one shake! but every now and then i will have a salad or something if i'm feeling particularly ravenous!!

thanks for the rant! xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Sorry to hear about your job situation Sarah......there is absolutely nothing worse than not enjoying what you are doing, especially when you work long hours! I hope you get something soon and find a replacement as well.

Now, I am a bit confused! When you say you arent having a shake, does that mean you are eating, or are you not eating and not having a shake!! ?? Hope you are not going to make yourself poorly by not eating, or having some shakes.....

Take good care of yourself!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sarah, you sound very stressed. Work pressures are a dread and can lead to munchie attacks. You should be eating during the day to keep your insulin levels balanced. Can you not snack on a little fruit and a few nuts at least!!
Mind yourslef and don't overdo things.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sarah, hope you are doing o.k. Hope the work stress is not getting to ya!!!

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