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xwendywoox's diary

Good morning all

I survived the first day of the Atkins diet and though t I would write a diary and keep track of my progress. Hope it's not too boring for you all....

B - bacon and egg
L - steak and salad with some mayo
D - pork chops, mushroom and green beans
S - pepperami, cream (a drop in a cup of coffee)

W - at least 2 litres
A - none
E - daily walk to work (20mins)

Are you allowed to have SF jelly through induction? I had a major craving for something sweet after dinner last night and would have killed for a biscuit. The craving lasted for about an hour and no matter what I did I just couldn't distract myself from it! Is this likely to carry on for sometime? I hope not as it was tough to get through.

Also does anyone have the recipe for 'oopsie rolls' please :confused: I keep seeing them mentioned and they sound delish! I have searched for the recipe but it brings up thousands of threads where people have mentioned them, and haven't had time to troll through them all as yet.

Thanks in advance ;)

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Determined to succeed!
Good afternoon Wendy!

Right - first things first, don't feel bad about only having a 'drop' of cream - have a dollop! Cream is fine to have... I tend to have a mug of coffee filled about 2/3 and topped off with a massive squirt of squirty cream (careful to get the 'real cream' one that doesn't have sugar in, it's Anchor I think - or normal pouring cream is fine just less 'theatrical', haha).

Secondly - and I may be wrong with this - I think green beans are one of the more carby veg. You'd be better off with something leafier, like curly kale or cabbage. I remember something about mange tout being ok, because they are 'immature', but you'd be better off checking the book for this - or getting a carb counter book. :)

Lastly, yes you are allowed SF jelly - I don't know what I'd have done without it! I have a big bowl of it every day, sometimes two! I also cover it in squirty cream. Remember, on Atkins - 'fat' is your friend!

There are people on here that believe that 'frankenfoods', i.e. non-natural foods can slow you down or stall you, but I've never had a problem getting into ketosis and I have had SF jelly from day 1... you'll just have to keep an eye on yourself for a bit so you can judge if you are someone that needs to limit sf jelly, cheese, certain veg etc... they affect people differently.

Ultimately, if you stick to less than 20g of carbs a day you should be fine - but carbs hide in all sorts of stuff so CHECK LABELS and look up carb values if you aren't sure! :)

Good luck honey!

SD xx


This is for life
Well done wendy on day one. Hang in there on the cravings - whenever your hungry eat something legal - anything to stop you heading for the carbs! Once you are over the first week it all gets very much easier:D
Good luck!
Morning peeps

Well day two out of the way! I am dying to weigh myself but am just about resisting the temptation :D

Thanks for the all the advice SD :) I had no idea you could have squirty cream, so thanks I will be purchasing some of that on my way home from work tonight ;) I also checked the book and you are right about the green beans! The DH and DS will be having the rest of those with their dinner tonight haha! :D

Yesterdays menu went something like this.....

B - bacon and egg
L - beef salad, mayo
D - Pork chop, green cabbage
S - pepperami, cream (in coffee)

W - 2litres
A - none
E - 20 min walk

The cravings are getting less intense and less frequent. Just ordered some ketostix as I would like to know when I am in ketosis.

Going to try and make the cheeseburger pie tonight. Sounds delish! :)

Morning all

Ah Jim, the temptation is sooooooo strong!! I have scales at home and we even have scales at work and I can hear them calling me! It's not good! :(

Yesterday's menu went like this....

B - bacon and egg
L - tuna, salad and mayo
D - cheese burger pie :) and salad
S - Slice of cheese, SF jelly and cream

W - 2 litres
A - none
E - 30 min brisk walk

I made my very first attempt at the cheese burger pie last night and wow, i love this! Even my DS who said 'uuurrrgggghhhhh mum, that sounds disgusting!!!!' enjoyed it! lol! :D I think I could quite easily live off this. Yum yummm! :)

Does anyone have any breakfast ideas? I have had a look around and other suggestions seem to be omellete and scrambled egg, but I am not a fan of these. I can just about manage fried or poached but they HAVE to be runny. Bacon and fried egg is becoming very monotonous! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)



Chasing the Rainbow
Hi wendy as we established in my post i am feeling the same about bacon and eggs right now. I am strongly recommending the MIMs (recipe is on atkins.com) especially as you can make them sweet or savoury, toast them , melt cheese on top, spread cream cheese ontop....the possibilities are endless, plus they dont leave you burping egg at work until lunchtime which i hated!! lol
Hi Elemental. Read your other thread and I'm glad to hear you are feeling better today ;)

I will be going shopping over the weekend so will pick up some flaxseeds. Really not sure if i am going to like these? I have no idea what flaxseeds are and tbh they don't sound very appealing. Desperate for some variety though, so will definately be making them.

Thinking of trying to make oopsie rolls tonight if I get time. Apparently you can toast them in a morning and have them with lashings of butter. Mmmmmm, its making my mouth water already :D

Morning all

Today is day 5 for me and this morning I woke up with a stonker of a headache. Had some paracetamol and have been drinking plenty of water and it seems to have done the trick :) I am just hoping on hope it isn't the start of Atkins flu, but I am still feeling positive and feel ok otherwise so it might just be a headache.

Yesterday's menu was.....

B- bacon and egg
L - cheeseburger pie and salad (mmmmmm, this is gorgeous cold)
D - sausage, bacon and cheese
S -cream

W - 2ltrs
A - none
E - 30 min brisk walk

Going away with work on Monday and I am worried about what I am going to eat whilst away :confused: Breakfast I am fine with it's just the other meals I am concerned about. Does anybody have any suggestions about what I can eat? It will be pub/restuarant meals.



Determined to succeed!
Lots of steaks and salad or fish and veg.. hard to know exactly what everything is cooked with, but you should be able to manage.

As for Atkins Flu... don't wish I it away, it means it's all about to kick in! Ketosis is coming!! :)

So you mean you have to go through it to get into ketosis Dotty? :( I thought it only affected some people.

Oh I can see me being ill next week whilst I am away working! That would be typical!

Hi all

Nipped on here over the weekend but totally forgot about updating my diary.

Well the ketosix arrived Friday afternoon and I am happy to say........I am in ketosis :) :) :) Goodness knows how many I have used. Think I have tested everytime I have been to the loo lol!

Friday's food was......
B/L - Bacon, sausage and egg
D - chicken, mushrooms and cauliflower cheese
S - pork scratchings, jelly

W - 2litres
A - none
E - 30 min brisk walk and about 3hrs of cleaning

Saturday was hard as we were out all day but didn't get chance for breakfast......
B - none
L - egg and bacon
D - chicken, salad and mayo

W - about 3litres
A - none
E - none

B - Bacon, sausage and egg
L - pork scratching and a MIM
D - chicken, cauli

W - 1litre
A - none
E - none

First weigh in tomorrow and I am both excited and anxious! I think I have lost something, just hope the scales reflect it. Here's hoping........

Good luck with the weigh in Wendy! :)

Morning all

Thanks Alpaca and Jim ;)

Just weighed in at -4lbs :)Happy but was looking for a little more considering the first week is when you have your biggest loss. Happpy though as it's a good start and heading in the right direction :)

I am going to Bath later this afternoon with work ready for a meeting there tomorrow. Will be eating out tonight and tomorrow, and a bit worried about where we will end up and how much choice of low carb friendly food I will get. Breakfast will be a breeze, it's the other meals I am worried about. Will let you know how I get on.

Morning Wendy... Great loss! It's a good movement in the right direction... Hope you had a good trip to Bath :)

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