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Good Morning Everyone,

Its silly o clock,well 5.50am!!:eek:,
alarm went off at 5am:eek: h2b and youngest DD have gone fishing, waved them off 20 mins ago, its only a 10 min walk to where they going am suprised the little madam got up to be honest she does love her sleep and is nearly always the last out of bed, any how i will take them some food later if they lucky:D

Goood luck to all with weigh-in today

:vibes::vibes::vibes: to all of us xx
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And I thought that I would be the first up this morning, but you beat me by an hour!!!!

What are we doing up at silly o'clock?

I was in bed early so I've just woken up at my normal time. Just dosed myself up with tablets and I intend to take it easy today. Although I must admit that I my throat is feeling a bit better today.

Hope everyone else has a great day xxx
It is good sitting here just th pc me and the radio on low, but knowung the eldest 2 are tucked up fast asleep bless em, and yes it will get shatterd !!
The good thing about getting up at silly o clock (just after 5) means i am already 1ltr water down !!never know i might make it a good 5 ltrs by the end of the day fingers crossed

Here I am, we are one hour ahead of you guys, was also up early, eager to get back into SS. I have never attempted to start any diet on a Saturday BUT I am running out of time - had a lovely 8 week goal to lose 2 stone and now that has reduced to 7 weeks - never mind and DH is travelling to London tonight so it's a tad easier when I just have to worry about feeding DD who is 4.5:). I am going to drink 2 litres water before I have first shake of the day. Good luck everybody
S: 13st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.72%)
Morning Tara & Sarah ~ you early birds :eek: Hey to everyone else today too.

Woke up around 6:30ish when OH brought me a cuppa before he headed off to work ~ bless him. Stayed in bed just watching the news for another hour and now up and dressed and ready to hit the shops :D

Looking for a nice raincoat ~ since losing all this weight this summer (though I use the word 'summer' loosely) my autumny type jacket / coat doesn't fit and I've been both wet and cold this week and feel like I'm coming down with some kind of bug.

Want to get in and out quick as I reckon it'll be another day of showers and sunshine.

Hope you all have a great day.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

Glad your throats a bit better today Sarah...stay in the warm and rest.

I weighed this morning and I am another 2lbs down..:D I have beaten my Sept challenge well on for the Xmas one..fingers crossed (I have a birthday inbetween):rolleyes:

Busy day for me, have clients this morning, then going into the village to have my nails done, then off to work this evening until 10pm.

Have a great day everyone, hope the weather brightens up,,looks like rain again..:confused:
Morning all!
Am off to the gym today the little ones are going into the creche.
I was really tired last night, went to bed eary but the little ones waking up at 6 am didn't help:mad: Especially seeing as the youngest didn't go to sleep till turned 9 o'clock! You would have thought she wanted a lie in!!!
Anyhoo, catch you all later, have a good day and Sarah GET BETTER!!!!
aaa domino i might have been up since silly o'clock but am not washed n dressed yet eekk so you bet me there lol, hope you manage to get a nice rain coat hun,
Have a good time at the gym nicky,
well done hedgemag on 2lb loss, and congrats 0n beating your sept challenge
oh well my peace has gone out the window now as ds has got out his pit, hay ho
Morning Everyone

I feel a little strange today as i am doing this inbetween 790 and 1000 or 790 plus fruit as i call it! Just had an apple with my coffee. I'll just see how it goes for the week and what the scales say at the end of it!

Off out with my friend tonight to celebrate my birthday (its not till tomorrow). Yes i will have a few drinks (have made a definite decision already) but i wont go overboard. Got to pop out today to find something to wear - arrgghhh:eek: Looked yesterday but couldnt find anything at all - have to look today with my 2 yr old in tow - oh dear!:eek:

Taking ds to his first dancing class this morning - he is so excited.

Joanne - fab loss hun - you are definitely getting there! xx

Sarah - glad the throat is feeling abit better xx take it easy today xx

Saff - i expect the peace has been shattered by now lol ! xx

Nicky - enjoy the gym xx

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morning everyone,

Its a miserable day here, all dull and drizzle. Just waved DH off to work as he is doing a bit of overtime. Im going to chill out a bit and then get ready and go into town to get my 80's fancy dress outfit as i didnt get it last week, i have decided to go as 'flava flav' anyone remember him? got the trucker cap, white sunglasses and a old leather bomber jacket thats blue so just need a big clock to go round my neck and a baggy t-shirt.
Im going to relax as much as i can this weekend as its a big week at work next week so im going to need all my energy!

Im glad that everyone is feeling good today, sarah - glad to hear that your throat is feeling a bit better. saffron - i hope you made the most of the quiet time earlier!. hedgemag - well done on your loss. JJJ - i hope you find somthing beautiful to wear for your night out.

Have a good day everyone x
Morning all!

Had a horrible night's sleep - my mind just wouldn't switch off - I get that quite often whilst on Ketosis - does anybody else? I try to persuade myself it's because my body is so busy burning fat, it won't sleep :D

Anyway, been weighing myself everyday since last weigh in (I know I shouldn't, but it really helps me!) and I've lost 1lb each day! woohoo. Somedays I LOVE this diet!! Will struggle with water during day today as I'm off shopping (weeeeeee) and can't cope with having to find a toilet every 20 mins! :) will make up for it when I get home though

Have a fab day everyone
ok normality has arrived in the household lol, eldest child up washed dressed fed and he has gone out!!! oh to be 15 again lol,and eldest dd is getting ready for her rugby training,have spoken to h2b and him and our youngest dd are enjoying the fishing she has cought a few fish !!

well done on the weight losses so far xx

Jodie hope you find something nice to wear and have a great time tonight xx

nearly 2 ltrs glugged already and 2 large coffee's


One Day at a Time
S: 17st10lb C: 17st10lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Morning Guys,

After a terrible week last week (only lost 0.4lb - but i deserved to put on!) yesterday was fab. I was a textbook CD'er and I feel so much happier for it. Weekends are always more difficult for glugging the water as I forget about it but I am determined to have my 1st PERFECT CD weekend in a month! Had 1 litre of water already and about to have a choc tetra.

DH has gone off to gym and all DS wants to do is watch the Lion King; so until DH gets back I agreed - then we're all off shopping to buy some pressies for DS's friends' birthday party this afternoon.

I have tonnes of positivity and motivation today - which I'm guessing is making up for last weeks pure negativity!!!!!

Going to the gym about 3ish this afternoon - so strangely looking forward to that - hope you all have a good day and well done on your new losses!!

Bye Bye For Now

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