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xxITS THURSDAY xxlets do it x HOUR BY HOUR xx


At work and have forgot my shakes.too far to go home for them but tesco just up the road.Have been on add a meal since mon - was thinking go to tescos buy some quorn and lettuce have my add a meal at lunch then have my shakes tonight can you see that being a problem?
I'm no expert Debbie but that should be okay, I know some have all their shakes in the evening all the time.

Not much happening this end, managed to shoe horn myself into a pair of 12 trousers today, very tight but hey they are on and I can sit down so woo hoo, not sure how I feel about my bum being so visible though!!!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Lol Morning all!!!

Well, not really an exciting day, although my Daughter's Party Bag favours arrived this morning at work, so I will be busy putting them together later!!
Plans for the weekend...hmmm.....we are viewing a house on Saturday and then I am babysitting...Sunday...nothing planned as yet, but a lie in!!!

I am absolutely exhausted....painted the kitchen with Hubby last night from blue to white and makes it look huge!!...we have a viewing this evening, so the place needed to be spotless!
Clambered into bed around 12.20, when Jessica decided to wake up!
Just finishing my 2nd litre of water...debating wether to have my coke zero yet or not!

I have my weigh in tonight too!! I hope to have lost 3lbs, so that I will have reached 2 stone milestone.

Good luck everyone today!

morning tiffers,
mmm let me see plans for the weekend, oh yeah loads of boring house work to get the house straight for the following weekend oh and no doubt !!!

What you got planned huni xx

Nothing as yet - except Shopping in Birmingham on Saturday with my Ma - I usually spend my whole weekend at a party or a pub but im trying to stay away for the next few weeks - might try and find a hobby . . . Any idea?
Hi yall,

well done on those size 12s georgie i've got a size 12 goal skirt that i can finally get over my bum and hips lol!!
Not got many plans this weekend am suffering today after the football incident it gets embarressing now when i go see my CDC as every week there is vodka written in the space, had a very late night in the end didn't get to sleep till god knows when and then kept getting woken up at regular intervals for a little something something, pmsl.

Have got my weigh in tonight and am then getting my tarot cards read at a ladies night inbetween ferrying my parents to and from the pub.

Tomorrow am meeting up with a mate in the pub i work at and her partner is co-owner so guarenteed good night.

Saturday gotta work in the evening but am hopeing to get some xmas shopping done wanna get some out the way so i am not solely relying on my december pay to do this.

Hope you all have a great day there is no way i am being productive today.
Morning all.

Go georgie with the size 12's! woohoo :)

I'm having a bit of a lazy day today, yesterday was a hectic one so I'm mostly going to be doing bits around the house and no work!

I don't have much on at the weekend. The Christmas lights are being turned on in the town on Saturday and my daughter won a competition to make a Christmas model at school so she is turning on the lights! So I'll be going to that :)

I think it's madness turning them on in November though. They do it earlier each year here!

Apart from that, no plans. Anyone doing anything exciting?
Hello lovely ladies!

It is sooo good to see an hourly thread - I could really do with having this pop up on my screen every so often! I am struggling alot at the moment and basically have written off the last two months and have tried to give myself every excuse under the sun to make myself feel better, but I know only I am stopping myself from achieving my goals and yet I am still sabotaging myself left, right and centre.

If any of you ladies want a hobby, then please feel free to bug me!! I don't want to be getting bigger again and I am getting quite scared that I am losing it badly :cry:

Sorry to rant and hope I haven't put any of you on a downer

Catherine xx


please try again
morning all
stuck with cleaning and bib making here today, oh what joy!

tonites my second weigh in so got everything crossed for that one ( ssing 100% so am hopeful )
morning daily thread people
well i am just back from my weigh in
it sounds a small loss but i am happy that i am a pound down
its three weeks since my last weigh in but a whole week of that was a mega binge where i gained 7lbs
anyway - next weigh in is in a week - i need them more often i think to keep me accountable and on the straight and narrow
setting myself a mini goal now of being under 10stone by the 12th december - should be doable

i have to work tomorrow so my plans for teh weekend are mostly work BUT with a whole day of christmas shopping in the post thanksgiving sales in seattle thrown in - wooohoooo

will be back later but now need to glug water as i have had only half a liter this morning - how are you guys managing the water drinking now the weather is cold? i am finding it really really hard

I find that the water flavours help - you can get them from your CDC.
I have the water from a chiller at work, but sip at it, so it is slightly cooler than room temp. I have a litre in the morning for "breakfast" before I come to work.
I have never tried them hot, but I know that Maggie - Hedgemag drinks hers hot...I'm sure she will let you know.
My favourite is the summer berry over the sunshine orange though!

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