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Yay! I'm down to a healthy BMI again!

congrats :)


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Thankyou both :).

I am really pleased with it thanks Pheonix. I'd started to get a bit down on the diet this week, but my CDC appointment and finding out my BMI has motivated me to keep going!


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Hey louisa thanks. It feels brilliant - especially when you've worked hard for it. Deciding to do it is the most important step :).
CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go!!! I'm so jealous :)

If you happen to think of it, when you hit your goal weight, will you let me know what size you're wearing? I'm think I want to get myself a really cute pair of jeans to hangup in my bedroom to remind me what my goal size is but I have no idea what 5'3 120lbs wears. I'm thinking a US size 6 but no clue. humm...


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Hey Aseyan :). At the moment I'm wearing size 14 (UK) jeans and I doubt I'll go down much as I have wide hips and carry most of my weight on my thighs and bottom. BUT - before I started CD I couldn't even get into these jeans - they made me hurt!!

Definitely I'll let you know :D.

Keep going :) it feels great.
That's crazy. I'm wearing a size 14 now :) American sizes run quite a bit larger, I'll have to do some searching to figure out how that translates.


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hiya, im 5'2 and currently 132lb, and in a 10-12 size jeans if that helps any Aseyan?
its a great feeling when youre clothes get looser isnt it! love it! so motivating too!
Im 5'4 155 pounds and wear size 12... usa 10


Thing is..... i remember a thread on this a while back with people weighing less than me in larger sizes and vice versa...was all very strange!! bodies are weird things lol
Well done Eir, fantastic news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have set my first goal of BMI 25...I would love to be about a stone less than that but we will see !!!!! Just gotta make this my last turn on the wagon and not hash it all up again !!!!!!!

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