yay im in ketosis land


6 stone to lose!
ok i say YAY lol like im happy about it but im bloody freezing haha :D :D

just had to e-mail cdc to see if she has porridge so i can swap the banana shake as not to fond of it i can drink it but not has good as porridge so hoping to get that swapped. also loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the strawberry omg its soo the best as ice cream.. so thats in the freezer waiting for me to munch later lol!!

Well im going to get gloves on cos my hands are beyond cold...

Hiya well done for starting the journey to slimdome, you'll soon be there! The porridge will warm you up I was cold all the time when I was in ketosis the end result is well worth it though.:)
well done!
yeah it is rather cold isn't it?! my housemates hate me cos i always want the heating on!
its worth it tho, glad you like the strawberry, and yeah the porridge is lush - im on 2 a day! haha.
keep at it hon x