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Yay - Just booked our honeymoon

awwww thanks hun..I am soooo excited although I know it is also full of my fav things:
ice cream, pasta, wine.... oooh it will be fun ha ha but I will have to be good - ish :)


Call me Nicky xx
its your honeymoon. you enjoy, believe me it will be the BEST holiday you will ever have, anyway with all the s3x you will soon burn off the extra calories lol. xx
I'm still waiting on hubby to be to decide ha ha. Originally we wanted to go to Maldives but apparently it's monsoon season in July so now looking at Hawaii and then 5 days in Las Vegas (think I'm more excited about the latter).
How wonderful!! You are going to have a lovely time!!
I know it is the thought of the bikini not the wedding dress that is scaring me into being good! x

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