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Yay!!! My 'pirate' dress finally fits - woop woop

Ooops - sorry - this was supposed to be in 'off-topic' - don't know how to move it.:copon:
I have given myself a talking to!!!


Is so doing it this time
:wow: :bunnydance: :bunnydance: :bunnydance: :bunnydance: what a great feeling..... Nothing is as good as that feeling!!! Well done you, that's brilliant news! Enjoy your evening, you're gonna feel really good :queen: and I bet you'll look drop dead gorgeous :D xx
All I have to do now is avoid the buffet!! (Or most of it anyway).
Oooooh, that dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! I needs me one of those, when I get to target...
Eeeek I love love love that dress! That site has some gorgeous stuff, I want it all!!
Well done lovely, have a good time :)
Well - if you do get one Shrimpy, take your measurements and give the shop a call to check what size you need. The sizings are very strange at Vivien of Holloway (presumably because they're made to vintage patterns) - they are very flattering dresses and worth the money, esp as you don't need to wear a bra with them as they're boned and support even larger ladies well. (I always find the whole thing of finding suitable bras for strappy / halter dresses a complete bloody nightmare! - well, any bra shopping is horrendous to be honest.)
I think I will definately get one, It will be my Target dress, LOL. :D I shall take your advice on the measuring! I love the idea of not having to go wandering around M&S accompanied by the scary old lady with the measuring tape around her neck! I absolutely HATE bra shopping, but I am being good and getting measured semi regularly!

Enjoy the wedding and get some photos up ASAP! I know you'll look absolutely fabulous!


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:banana dancer:well done you, and that dress is fab, fab, fab xx want one :drool:
Def feeling positive today - think it was all those exercise classes in the week. Will take pics. Off to sort out my camera now so that I don't forget it!!
That is a really lovely dress, it looks so flattering , i bet you will look gorgeous in it:)
oh my lord amazing dress.

you are going to look amazing

yes yes yes photos and lots of them, now dont be mean and just put one or 2 up we need loads pls lol.

have a great night :D

shall be waiting for photos.

(can you tell im obsessed with them):D
I'm really looking forward to this now. I don't actually know the people at the wedding at all (lol). It's someone my o/h has spoken to regularly through work from the 'other' office (we're Cambs, they're in Southend). That means we get to have a night in a hotel (yay), plus we're going with another couple who we've know for years but they don't often come out together now as they've got children. I was best person at their wedding 10 years ago. It'll be fun spending some time with them together as I usually only get to see one of them at one time. COOLIO!!!!

I adore that dress. I wonder if they would suit my figure as i am bigger on top than bottom.

Have a fab time and love the facebook link, I am def going to treat myself to one fo these if I can get one to fit and get to the bottom end of my target !
I love VOH dresses, and the skirts too...in fact pretty much everything on her site.

You'll look lovely, don't forget to post pictures.

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