Yes..I am that good! lol..1st weigh in:

Hi everyone I had my first weigh in this morning and im pleased to say that through all the stress of the first week and climbing the walls with headaches and desperation to eat..I have managed to lose a good 12lbs!!..very proud of myself for sticking it out and feeling positive for the week ahead!..(although my brath still smells like a dogs ass!)
Thanks for answering my questions and being there I don't think i'd have managed without this forum. xxxx
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oh wow... well done. im so happy for you. thats gives me a final kick up my ass to finally start 2morrow. i hope i can do as well as you have done...although the headaches, shivers and bad breath do put me off a little. :)


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well done ladyvengence i had my weigh in today aswel onyl a small 4lb's for me tho lol keep up the good work :):) x


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Well Done LV:party0011: great result for your first weigh-in, im on day 4 now, cant wait to finish my first week!!

Skinnymansam, 4lbs is great well done!!
Thank you, & i'd have been delighted with 4lbs skinnymansam well done you! I hadn't noticed any difference so it was a shock I asked to be weighed three times! lol I think we all bloody well rock! xx

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WOW well done hun, I started mine today :) Hope i get a great loss next week like you have done

Well done skinnymansam 4lbs is great :)


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Hey LV, that rocks! stick a ticker on your signature, it all helps. keep it up!


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S: 21st10.2lb C: 21st8lb G: 10st6lb Loss: 0st2.2lb(0.72%)
yea 4lb is good however i was a little dissapointed as fir the last few weeks its been 5lb lol but in saying that a loss is a loss and thats all good :D:D:D


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Fantastic loss Lady V. Good luck for week 2 !!! :D:D

mrs bee

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well done, u should be very proud of yourself xx


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absolutely great start well done:D


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Well done on your first 12lbs loss!!! long may it continue....Caz xx


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well done nearly a stone in one week, good for ya and of course ya should be so proud, i know i am!!