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Yo-Yo's weight watchers diary

Hi everyone, I'm back! (again)

Having lost 3st 2lbs on Lighter Life between June and September 2007, eight months later I have put 2st 10.5lbs of that back on. :cry:

I've tried to go back to sole sourcing but I'm too weak willed. :sigh:

I need the discipline of a class so decided to go and try weight watchers as it's closest to calorie counting, and not faddy at all. Also, the class is over and done with quite quickly as opposed to the Slimming World class. :)

My problem has always been the sheer volume of food I am capable of putting away, plus eating has become a hobby to me! :p

My main danger time is between 3:30pm (when I get in from school with the kids) to DH getting in from work at 5:30pm. Over the last few months I seem to have set myself a challenge to see how much food I can consume during that time. :mad:

So, I'm doing a 24-hour diary rather than a conventional day. I asked my WW leader if this was okay (I would start my day at 6pm) and she said it was fine and thought it was a good idea. So I started my plan on the day of the meeting rather than having a "last supper" and eating as much as I could. :D

So, start weight as of 15th May is 13st 4.5lbs :tear_drop: and I would like to get down to 10st 7lbs. (39.5lbs)

I could kick myself for not being disciplined enough to keep the weight off. I could cry when I think about all the money I spent doing lighter life, and all the days I went without food!

I'll be reading the diaries of other people and hope that maybe people can get some ideas from mine.
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Day 1.

Allowance = 21 points
Bonus = 2 points (43 minutes walking, low impact)
Total = 23 points

Breakfast: 2 x Crumpets with 1tbsp of chocolate spread = 3.5 points.

Lunch: Baby sweetcorn dipped in Morrisons low-fat Mini Houmous pot = 2.5 points.

Evening Meal = 180g Tesco Chicken with cranberry, orange and port stuffing, 3 x Yorkshire Puddings, Courgettes & Gravy = 10 points.

Snack: 2 x Crumpets with chocolate spread = 3.5 points.

Total: 19.5 points
Carried Forward: 3.5 points.

Found Day 1 easy because I was off work and had decided to decorate the bathroom. I dropped the kids off at breakfast club at 8am, and left the house to collect them at 3pm, and apart from a run out to get a prescription, and nip to Wickes I was upstairs in the bathroom the whole time, cleaning and painting etc...plus I was constantly running up and down the stairs.
Day 2.

Allowance = 21 points
Bonus = 2 points (42 minutes walking, low impact)
Brought Forward = 3.5 points
Total = 26.5 points

Breakfast: 2 x Crumpets with 1tbsp of chocolate spread = 3.5 points.

Lunch: 2 x scrambled eggs with a splash of milk, 1 x English muffin (white, no spread) = 7.5 points.

Dinner: 1 x 100g gammon steak, 100g oven chips, half a tin of peas = 5.5 points

Total: 16.5 points
Carried Forward: 10.5 points.

Now, I know that you are only meant to carry 4 points per day across, and today I have carried 7 points, but that's because my day "ends" at 6pm, and we went to the pub yesterday afternoon to watch the FA Cup final (I only drank orange juice) and I found myself with no time to eat as I got straight on with making the tea when I got in. I'll try and eat more on Day 3.

The exercise points came about when there was a "misunderstanding" with DH and I. He dropped me off in town and I asked him to pick me up when I was done, and I said I would ring him. Then I said "I might walk home....no, I'll ring you". So 1.5 hours later I rang him - no answer. I set off walking thinking to myself "he doesn't go five minutes without looking at his phone, so he'll see a missed call from me and ring me back". I carried on for another ten minutes ringing him a couple of times myself, when it suddenly dawned on me that he was obviously not near his phone. By this time I was in the middle of an industrial estate with no money in my purse and no cash machines nearby, so I had no choice but to walk. Unfortunately I had high heeled boots on, so after 1.3 miles I couldn't walk any farther. I remembered I had my next door neighbour's number in my phone so rang her, and she hopped over the fence to tell him I needed picking up - I wasn't allowed to be angry though because he'd been fitting the vinyl flooring in the bathroom and left his phone downstairs because he thought I was walking home!

I now have blisters. Damn beautiful but impractical to walk in boots!

PS - I am noticing that my "spare tyre" has shrunk somewhat and I'm not feeling as bloated!

It's also nice to be able to eat my evening meal and be hungry for it, rather than forcing it down because I have had too much to eat during the day.
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Day 3.

Allowance = 21 points
Bonus = 2 points (45 minutes walking, low impact)
Brought Forward = 10.5 points
Total = 33.5 points

Breakfast: Special K & Milk = 4.5 points // strawberry Mousse 2.5 points // 2 x slices of milk roll toasted 1 point.

Lunch: Sausage sandwich (1 x sausage) = 5 points

Dinner: 2 x chicken Chargrills, 100g oven chips, half a tin of sweet chilli beans = 9.5

Snacks - Satsuma -0.5 points // penny sweets 2 points // big bag of quavers 3 points // cheese puff crisps 2 points.

Total: 32
Carried Forward 1

Well, I managed to stay within points but only just. DH decided to make me breakfast in bed, which is how come I had so many points there. We go to the pub on a Sunday afternoon, which DH likes but I find a bit boring so I find myself gazing longingly at the crisps and nuts. I ordered a bag if quavers thinking low-point, only to discover it was a supersize bag and twice the size! At least it wasn't a 50g bag of Walkers!

Went out for a deliberate walk yesterday, 2.5miles to add to my steps tally on Thursday..
Day 4 (finished at 6pm today)

Total: 21 points
Bonus: 0.5 points (walking 20 minutes, low impact)
Brought Forward: 1 point

Breakfast: None (too busy)

Lunch: Boots Shapers cesear Salad (yuk) = 3 points // 1 packet of Boots Parsnip crisps = 2.5 points.

Snack: Crumpets with chocolate spread = 3.5 points // 1 ginger biscuit = 0.5 points.

Dinner: Pork Casserole (with veg) and rice = 9.5

Total = 19.3
Carried forward = 3.5
Day 5:

Allowance = 21 points
Brought Forward: 3.5 points
Total = 24.5 points

Breakfast: 2 x slices of toast with spread = 3 points

Lunch: WW Ready Meal (cant remember which one, salmon & hoki or something)= 7 points // pot of Strawberry Jelly = 1 points.

Dinner: 1 x Pork Loin Steak = 4.5 points, 3 x onion rings = 2.5 points, vegetables, gravy = 0.5 points (total 7.5 points)

Snacks: 2 x Custard Creams (2.0 points), 1 x double lolly (0.5 points), 2 x crumpets with chocolate spread = 3.5 points

Total = 24.5 points
C/F = 0 points.

Was very impressed at willpower of giving up after 2 custard creams, I thought all of my willpower had deserted me years ago. Am definitely feeling less bloated and better for being on this diet. 2 more full days before weigh-in, I am hoping I will have lost a good amount.
Day 6

Total = 21
Exercise Points = 0.5 (25 minutes walking)

Breakfast: 2 x slices of toast with spread = 3.5 points

Lunch: Home-Made Prawn Salad with cottage cheese, cheese and coleslaw (7 points) // Morrisons Lemon Slice (1 point)

Snack: Morrisons Lemon Slice (1 point) // 2 x custard cream (2 points) // WW Sultana and Pecan slice (1 point)

Dinner: WW Meal with extra Veg (7 points)

Total = 22.5
Carried forward = - 1 point
Sorry I disappeared. I went on holiday on Friday 30th May for a week, and the week before that I totally lost it and went into holiday mode early! So that is two weeks WW meetings that I lost. I am going to get back onto the plan though but my husband is saying he thinks I should go back onto Sole Sourcing but I genuinely don't feel that I can commit to weeks of abstainance.
I'm still struggling and have got up to 14st (admittedly it was half way through the day, after eating a lot, and with my jeans on but it is still a weight I have never been before!!!). Am definitely gonna get back on track tomorrow!
gd luck hun ur doin great thing with me is i snack a lot are u having ur 49 points and when is wi day xx
Lol that's funny! My diary is "diary of a yo yo!!"


this is 4 years old lol x

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