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Yoghurts to eat


Can people suggest what yoghurts they are eating - I'm finding this a total minefield and very frustrating as yoghurt is what I want to eat most of when I'm sick of meat and fish!! I thought mullers toffee and vanilla were okay but now hearing they're not. I'm on cruise, so can they be tollerated items - 1 pot = 1 tolerated item??

Are there any flavoured yoghurts or fromage frais availabe in the UK people are eating or is it a case of flavouring the FF fromage frais or 0% greek yoghurt? I've just read about using SF jelly crystals - this sounds like a good idea but am wondering if the amount of jelly crystals to use in 1 day is limited???

Thank you very much in advance!:)
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I've been eating morrisons 'eat smart' fat free natural yoghurt and adding in splenda sweetener which is nice......although I've just discovered it has 1% fat and I seem to recall reading we shouldn't have above 0.1% fat. Can anyone cleat this up?


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Frankly, please go by what our FAQs say... this yoghurt debate rumbles on and on and, as they change their minds every other day on the official website, stick to whatever we said in our FAQs, cos it worked for us.

Jade... not a good one that.


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Someone spent hours working on these FAQs so rather than our constantly retyping the same stuff out, would you mind consulting them?


I'll copy the yoghurt stuff here because, as I'm in France, I've not had the chance to check out the food labels of specific brands in the UK. I used to have one Muller per day without a problem but, as we near target, and they are rather large, half might be better and stick to total 0% flavouring them yourself rather with sweetener.

Which yogurts can I eat?
http://www.minimins.com/dukan-diet/2...ain-sorry.html (Yoghurts... AGAIN (sorry!))
Fat free Natural yogurt and fat free fromage frais are best, these can be sweetened with sweetener and flavoured to your tastes with vanilla, cinnamon, coffee etc.

Many in the UK like total 0% which has a terrific texture. Supermarket own brands also have very low fat versions.

For flavoured yogurts Muller light and Weight watcher toffee and vanilla flavoured yogurts used to be the recommended ones in the UK. Muller lights have more recently become a tolerated item.

In France the recommended yogurts are the Sveltesse Ferme & Fondant ones (and ONLY the 0% ones, not the chocolate, etc. ones which have been added to the range which are "1.something" fat).

Fat free, sugar free fruit yogurts are allowed if they contain no fruit pieces.
I have read the FAQ's, they don't give any particular brand tho except muller and ww fruit ones which I've decided to stat away from as dr Dukan recommends it for maximum weight loss, I'll just have to keep looking!


Got to do it this time!!
0% total yog is delish - add some sweetener and a few drops of vanilla - it is much thicker than ww or muller - so filling! I also sprinkle in some sugar free jelly crystals - raspberry is yummy - and just mix them in if I fancy a change.


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Second vote for Total 0%. Very creamy and thick. Gorgeous!

Tesco do a 0% Greek yoghut but it is slightly higher in carbs than Total.

Avoid Yeo Valley Fat Free because although is is 0% fat, unfortunately it is high in carbs, which is a shame because it is delicious.

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