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Yorkiegirl moves into management


is happy being Yorkiegirl
So here we are, 155 days later, and almost 7 stone lighter.

I went to my first management meeting to find I had lost another 3lb, taking me 6lb under target. If I lose another 1lb I will be 7 stone lighter than in January!

My first meal is going to be a piece of poached salmon. I am looking forward to it :D
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Well done you! What a fantastic achievement after all you've been through. Like Alan tuna will be my first meal but not for a few months yet!! Keep us updated. Looking forward to watching your progress!


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Congratulations! Let us know how it goes - I am starting to get really obsessed with the thought of management - can't wait for that first piece of salmon. Mmmmm! :eat:
OOH, Keep us posted on the management and how you get on.

Wow, 7 stone lighter, who would of thought it this time last year. What a totally brill achievement.

Like you Carla, I am dreaming of salmon as the first meal ... however the talk of fresh tuna sounds tasty too.


is happy being Yorkiegirl
I have eaten the salmon, and it was delicious. Just a nice sized piece, I felt full as I ate the last piece which is good.

Yes, who would have thought that I would be 7 stone lighter now, this time last year?
But then my life has changed so drastically since then that no one could ever have predicted what has happened in the last year.

It definitely is the right time to start management for me, and I enjoyed my first meal. I had no desire to eat more, and I was not bothered at all that I had salmon. DD1 who is 5 asked me why I had no veg, and I said I didn't want any this time.
7 stones!!! Wow, congratulations!!!

I had grilled chicken as my first meal, I did enjoy it but I really loved my baked salmon with herbs on a bed of seasoned spinach! Yummy!!!! Tomorrow I will have salad with cottage cheese. I will try to make it tasty!
I wondered the same thing when I shopped for salmon the other day.

I have just checked the entire food list and smoked salmon is not in it.
Well done yorkiegirel a sevon stone loss in 155 days is incredible.

You should be so proud of yourself. Well done.

My first meal was cottage cheese and I loved it.

Keep us posted



is happy being Yorkiegirl
Just had a tuna and smoked salmon salad. Same amount of fish as yesterday, with some green salad leaves. Plus some fat free vinaigrette. Tasted great, and I feel comfortable having eaten that. It was a nice sized portion.

Had a cup of tea with milk this morning and I definitely don't like the Yorkshire tea bags my mum has bought! Yuck.


is happy being Yorkiegirl
smoked mackerel salad tonight with some hard boiled egg white in there too. I put Balsamic vinegar on the salad and enjoyed a new taste.
Had a cup of coffee with a dash of milk this morning and enjoyed that much more than the tea. I think I am now a coffee drinker and not a cuppa tea person.
mmmmm, mixing up the proteins ...... I can't wait. Will have to live through you all for a while food wise.

Are you feeling full? are you leaving any? Do you worry about that?


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