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You are all very inspirational - thank you!

:thankyou:Thanyou to everyone who welcomed me to this forum 5 days ago, I have not been back on here since because I was so hungry I couldn't sit on computer so did lots of crafting instead! I put a post on last night about coke zero so thanks also to the peeps who answered that one for me, seems I can have a little of something else! I had my first weigh in yesterday after 6 days and I lost 5lbs. I was a little dissapointed :confused:because I had stuck to it rigidly, drinking 4 litres of water a day, but then i had to remind myself that i hadn't started till monday and was getting weighed on saturday so maybe a bit more might show next week.
Anyway, I have been really struggling all week, feeling really disorientated and giddy all week, expected to feel rough for a few days but after reading on here most people are ok after 3 or 4 days? My councellor said I needed to go to 4 shakes a day because I was borderline on hight at 5ft 7 and 1/4 inches. I am going to try this for a week but it is more expensive so not sure if i can afford it long term. Am hoping soon that hunger will lessen because I am still hungry even though now on day seven! :( Sorry for moaning onand writing an essay! Thanks again for the inspiration, I have been reading posts and you all have done so well. Xxx
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Hi Daisy

Well done on your 5lbs and as you say not even a full week - great result!! Re the feeling rough I know some people have found it can take a couple of weeks to get through the groggy feelings so hang on in there it may be your body is just taking longer to adjust.



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Well done on the 5lbs...It does get easier, And I agree with your CDC that 4 shakes a day is probably needed for a while at least.

Keep it up, your doing great


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Thats a good loss and in less than a week! Wow! Also don't worry about it, the first week I was a right state and it took me well over three days to settle into it. I was emotional, tired, dizzy and just generally not myself. You are strong though, cos I cracked and ate. Keep on posting and let us know how you are getting on. xx


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You could think about doing 790 which is 3 shakes plus a meal per day, for everyone regardless of height.

You have done really well so far - keep up the good work!


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Well done for sticking to it even though you don't feel too sharp. And remember any loss is GREAT! Less weight to carry around and less weight you have to lose. Keep going hun. *hugs*
Well done with your 5lb loss! You shouldn't be disappointed with that at all! :D

Starting SS seems to affect different people in different ways, maybe you are slipping into ketosis more slowly than some people hence still feeling hungry. I'm sure that hunger feeling will decrease though. Good luck and keep it up you are doing really well!
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I've found that there's no 'norm' when it comes to adapting to CD - some people hardly experience any side-effects at all; some people experience a few symptoms (headaches/dizziness etc.) in the first 3 or 4 days but only until ketosis kicks in and yet others are absolutely fine for the first week but find they are still feeling hungry/woozy etc. in the 2nd week.

The important thing to remember is that it really DOES get easier over time - and I agree with your CDC that having an extra pack would be a good idea too.

You've done really well by losing 5 lbs already (just imagine that as over 2 bags of sugar and how you'd feel carrying that around all day in your handbag and you'll realise just how heavy that actually is!) and you'll see a great result at your weigh-in next week too - but only if you stick to the packs and keep drinking the water :)

Good luck, and keep posting!
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hey girly!!!welcome aboard!we here if u need to talk about nethin or if you need to confess!which im sure u wont! good luck and keep us updated!!!

Thank you for your replies, I have decided to take one day at a time and today has been much better, :D it really keeps you going looking at this site! It's nice because there are lots of people who have lost loads and are a real inspiration and lots of new people so you feel someone is in the same boat as you. I am back to work tomorrow :sigh: after a weeks holiday at home. Really don't want to go back! Will keep popping on here to see how everyone is doing. Xxx

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