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You know that bike jacket

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Frontier-Phil, 23 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Well-Known Member

    I posted on here a while back that I needed a new motorcycle jacket and trousers well I could not be doing with buying a special order jacket and the top size pants.... ( this was in December 2008)
    Yessterday my OH went back to the bike shop just to try on the jackets again.... The bloke remembered mr and his first words as I walked in was " Bloody hell youve lost weight mate! I was pleased with that no end !! especially from some hairy arsed biker type. I was suprised he remembered me from Christmas. I tried on the same style jacket to be shocked that I need a whopping 3 sizes down and then I tried the trousers and need a further 4 sizes down. :eek::eek::eek:
    I treated myself to a new set with my Christmas gift money from 2008.:D:D:D

    The funniest and most shocking realization was the guy then told me to hange on a second. He then brought out the jacket and trousers from the store room that I had tried on in December. I put them on .... Well I was bloody shocked to how huge they were on me the trousers we 9 inches too big and the jacket was I would say 8 to ten inches too big all over.:eek::eek:

    That image will stay with me for eber was the one of me standing in front of the mirror with that lot on !!!, When I knew that back in December they were tight on me !!

    All I can say is thank god for SW and to having great support from you lot... :D

    Phil x
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  3. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    BRAVO PHIL!! That must have been a great feeling! Leathers are a pain for sizing....you either fit or you don't....there is no squeezing in!! :rolleyes:

    You've done fantastically well and absolutely deserve it!! :D:D:D

    K xx
  4. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Well-Known Member

    Thats fantastic phil!! whata confidence boost! and thats really sweet that he remembered u... did u stop long enuf to enlighten him with your contraceptive jokes??? :p
  5. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Well-Known Member

    Some people I know keep a photo or a item of clothing just to remind them of the past bigger times of their life... well I have done this with my old leather jacket and I can safely say when I open my shed door and see it hanging on the hook... ih makes me want to push even harder to lose for the next week, I picture it in my mind when I am out cycling and having a steep hill to climb in front of me. !!

    Phil x
    Last edited: 23 June 2009
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  6. Scarlet Daisy

    Scarlet Daisy Hungry For Life

    Brilliant, I bet you felt great! It IS nice when other people notice... And you deserve it, you've worked hard for it AND you're a lovely positive influence on everyone here.
  7. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    Wow Phil you are a true inspiration. You've done so amazingly well, lost every week, so detirmined and focused. Always giving good advice, congratulating the losses and giving condolences to the gains. I really wish you all the luck in the world as you are such a top bloke!

    All the best

    Natt xxx
  8. Roz V

    Roz V Well-Known Member

    Hi Phil - me again! Congratulations, a great tale as usual. Delighted to see you're still "cheerful"! Keep up the good work!
  9. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    Oh and I'd like to add, I bet all the girls swoon with you in your leathers :p
  10. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    Nothing better than someone noticing you've lost weight! SW is going to cost you a fortune!
  11. Minders

    Minders Finding inspiration

    That's an amazing story... even more amazing that the biker bloke remembered and decided to do that for you. That's proper camaraderie. Well done you! :D
  12. jaylou

    jaylou Well-Known Member

    As ever, a fab post and such an inspiration. Well done mate!

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