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you to rid excess skin


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Exercise and toning ??? Not sure


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I would say exercise but sometimes it doesn't work. I know some people use firming creams etc! I was thinking of buying some


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I would recommend Soap and Glory The Firminator as a firming cream - the results aren't permanent but you can tell the difference after 4/5 days


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Lose all the weight you can, walk 5 miles a day and bodybrush and moisturise and also be very patient - it takes up to a couple of years to settle I'm afraid. Depending on age, how long and how much you were overweight and how springy your skin is...it's impossible to give a one size fits all answer.
My Friend who lost 5 stone on LL swears by Palmers Coco Butter! apparently you slater yourself in it every day and it helps tone your skin, she also took up yoga and Pilates and had no problem with loose skin, she was 45 when she lost her weight.

I am using it now and although not far enough along to see if it really does benefit I smell great and my skin is tremendous really soft and dewy.

I have also found and this may be a little bit "weirdy crystal" for some people that having the long soak then spending time to gently rub the coco butter in gives me time to tell my body how much I appreciate it and how I am determined to treat it well and make it as healthy and attractive as I can really helps the mind set when doing this diet.

For instance after my first weigh in I took myself off for a full pedicure and am delighting now in seeing my lovely bright red toes .

Little things seem to help a lot:)


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Totally agree - Palmers Cocoa Butter is an oldy but a goody.
thanks i do walk alot and bike ride alot. will look out for some cream. i think i need to start a body rountine. i've never really looked after it cause i was not happy with it.
not sure where to start and what to do?
guess cream will be a start.
Get a Sisal Mitten which you can use in the shower and treat yourself to some really nice shower Gel (its kind of the one thing you can treat yourself to at the moment:D).

Shower and exfoliate your skin with the sisal mitt, then when you are still warm from the shower slather yourself in a really yummy rich moisturizer as above I love Palmers Coco Butter and you will smell lovely and slightly chocolaty:D

After a couple of days your skin will feel dewy and look lovely.


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I never really thought of loose skin...until I watched Embarrassing Fat Bodies yesterday :( This poor woman who lost 14st was left with so much loose skin I cried. :cry: I even had a nightmare about it!

Is shea butter good as well? I have a lot of organic, hand made shea butter at home. I don't always use it but when I do it leaves my skin so nice and soft and young. :)
Shea is good too.

The Palmers does actually tone the skin as well and it is in the medium price range so it gets my vote every time.

Bio Oil for stretch marks is also fab.


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Shea is good too.

The Palmers does actually tone the skin as well and it is in the medium price range so it gets my vote every time.

Bio Oil for stretch marks is also fab.
I will have to research the company then as I do not use cosmetic products tested on animals. :)

I heard you can put some bio oil in the bath water to hydrate the skin. Is it better to do it like this or to rub in onto the skin by hand? I can't take baths as of yet as I create a "bum dam" :eek:


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This is a fantastic thread, thank you :)

I do use creams and niveas firming lotion (Q10 plus) is good too BUT i use it SOOOO quickly!

The Bio Oil is something I also might invest in...

...also could you explain where I might find a sisal mit?


Happiest Girl :D
...also could you explain where I might find a sisal mit?

Ebay hon, I used them with soap, they are lovely :D

I don't believe Bio Oil works, I used it by the bucket load when I was pregnant religiously & still got horrific stretchmarks. I think it's genetic, if you're gonna get em, you're gonna get em.

I'm going to invest in Mama Mio bootcamp for tummies set when I get to goal, it's expensive (about £60) but it has lots of good reviews!

Also, I was reading up about loose skin myself the other week, apparently a lot of the time it's actually still fat and is rarely just skin.

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