You want to lose how much more??


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Even my SWC said this to me today. This is about the fourth person who has asked this question in shock.. you want to lose how much more? Never. You'll weigh nothing.

Erm, I wish!! So I told her my actual weight (cos someone else weighs us in) and she then declared.. you never weigh that! You carry it well.

Oh god, how many times have I heard all these comments over the years... if only it were true.. then I wouldn't need to lose another 8 stone.

I always laugh at the 'you carry it well' comment. How do you carry fat well as opposed to not carrying it well? LOL I wish I could carry it all off in a wheelbarrow to the local tip :8855:

Anyone else get comments like this that make you laugh?
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All I know is that, if I were about 6ft tall I'd look fine. I find being short (I am 5ft) that I look like a weeble most of the time lol


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S: 24st8.5lb C: 22st10lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 56.3 Loss: 1st12.5lb(7.69%)
LOL. I end up looking like a bumble bee. My face neck and boobs slim off, my bum and legs also, but I have a big round middle like a bumble bee LOL


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LOL. I end up looking like a bumble bee. My face neck and boobs slim off, my bum and legs also, but I have a big round middle like a bumble bee LOL
*sends back iNaTiZ's secret santa yellow and black jumper and has another think....*


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lol I -wish- people said things like that to me!

I go the same way, it all comes off the wrong places and just stays on my tummy and thighs... my thighs are weird though one keeps staying 1-1.5 inches smaller than the other, I'm weird lol


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A friend asked me that recently too. When I told her how much I weighed when I started SW (20st 13.5lbs) she couldn't believe it. She really didnt think that I weighed that much. And when I told her that I still want to lose 7 stone she said there would be nothing of me.

Thing is, I have lost 2 stone already and don't look much different so it goes to show how our weight doesnt always reflect on how we look!


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I had this - after I lost a stone people said to me how much more did I want to lose - I replied 2 more - to which i was met with shock and horror and comments like - do be careful/don't do anything drastic etc etc - Now that I've lost a stone and a half, I'm becoming quite happy with myself and starting to rethink my target but will see how i feel as get closer :)


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i've lost nearly 3stone i dont think i look any different people say they notice it but as i have a huge ammount to lose i think they just say it to be polite!


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I have another 3 stone that I would love to lose but would be happy with another 2 and then see how it goes?!



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i get this to but because i carry it different i know i will never get to 9 stone so my targets 10.7 which is high end of ok but thats ok its how u look not the numbers.
looking at your pics hun i don't think u need to lose 8 stone. why do u want to lose 8 stone is that what the chart says cause i'd ignore them cause ideal weight is different per person.
my aim is to get in a comfy size 12 jeans if thats at 11stone then thats when i'll stop.


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I've lost 3 stones and have another 3 to go and have also had the same comments. Little do they know what actually lurks beneath the cleverly tailored black clothes!!!
To be honest, when I have my clothes on I generally think I look ok, but when the clothes come off......OMG I look like Bubbles off Little Britain, I swear I do!


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Oh, i hear this all the time too..yet i still have over 5 stone to lose!I am just really good at hiding it obviously :p


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I haven't quite had that, but I did have a colleague almost keel over with shock when I told her how much I weigh recently. She had been talking about when she was younger and weighed 11 stone, and doing that thing that thin women sometimes do when describing a fat person - she puffed up her face and held out her arms... Anyway, later in the evening I said I couldn't have a glass of wine as I'd fall asleep, and they wouldn't want to have to carry me home. "Oh, you don't weigh all that much!" she said. "I'm 13 and a half stone!" I replied, the look on her face was priceless!