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Young, slim and super sexy, here I come!

So I stumbled accross the diary forum and thought it would do me good to try and track my progress (hopefully) and have something to look back on, refer to and vent hunger frustrations in!

So, at this moment in time, at 21, I am 19,8. Over the past two years, since moving to Leeds, to uni and moving in to a place of my own with my boyfriend, I have changed my diet from processed easy food and as I developed my culinary skills, changed my diet to fresh food and upped my activities, and this saw me lose a stone and trim a little!

The past few months have been hectic, including my boyfriend being diagnosed with cancer, home life has been turned upside down and instead of watching what we eat and concentrating on myself, I've been investing my time and energy in to looking after him and being happy as we can together :)

Now Curtis is well, I am throwing myself back in to getting some weight off but stepping it up a notch by going on an actual diet and taking zenichal which my doctor has prescibed to help me!

15g's of fat per meal + Exercise + Zenichal = On the road to being trimmer and healthier! (Hopefully)

I don't think I feel my weight, I'm outgoing, I'm used to my body and I always wear the things I want to wear but it has come to a point where things like I know I want to have children soon and I want to be able to have a problem free pregnancy etc... and I know if I don't drop the weight my health will start getting worse and of course, we all want to look better!

I would like to to lose 7,8lbs. Which will take me down to 12 stone, which I would be over the moon with. I don't think I have been 12 stone since I was 15! LOL!

I would be happy with a size 14-16 :) I do like my curves, genuinely I do and I think this is because I have learned to love them because I couldn't get rid of them in the blink of an eye but health wise, it will catch up on me and it needs to be dealt with!

So, I am on day 3 of my diet, so far so good. Zenachol's side effects are if you take too much fat in, it will make you go to toilet! But so far so good, so I must be doing something right!

I haven't been too hungry TBH, I am actually struggling to pad my meals out with fat, to reach the 15g's, thats the challenge, which is comepletely the opposite to what I thought!

MAP, the support team that help you suggest weighing in once a month, which I am going to try and stick to, but I know after a couple of weeks suspense will be killing me and I will want to know If I have lost any!

So, I'm plodding on. I need to find some low fat savoury snacks, I haven't really got a sweet tooth, so on a night, when I a snacking on fruit covered in fat free yoghurt, I'm getting a little sick of it being sweet. I'm craving savoury at the minute LOL!

I'm going to get some proper before and after photo's, this is the best I have at the moment, front on to compare :)

I'll report in a few days!

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You look great! I too have quite a way to go to reach my goal, but my advice is don't let the amount of weight put you off. Little sensible goals are much more manageable, and time will fly by (as it inevitably does), before you know it you'll feel so much better. I already feel heaps better with my first stone off and the further you get the less willing you are to jack it all in!! So best of luck! x
just make small goals and you will be fine, its great that you've already changed your ways, may I sugest that your long term goal to be 10st because that is a healthy weight if you stick to your 12 st goal you would be still a bit over weight, I know because I am the same height as you! dont worry about it though.

by the way I like your dress, thats the sort of thing I would wear.
Good luck on your weight loss journey :) I've been on Xenical since April last year and so far so good lol
Are you keeping a food diary? Its a good way of keeping on track and I really recommend using one. I keep mine in the kitchen so I've no excuse not to fill it in while I'm either grabbing something to snack on, or preparing a meal lol
Hi guys, Yeah I have a food diary, its next to my food scales :) I am filling it in as I go along :)

I have had a hectic weekend with all my family staying over this week. So i have missed my evening tablet on sat and sunday, had a chargrill chicken nan on sat and and italian meal on sunday but all has been fine and I'm back to normal now.

Although I so have the dreaded lurgy t the minute, so i'mnot eating much but still taking my tablets :)
So last week was a bit crap TBH. I wasn't well with flu and because I wasn't eating properly I wasn't taking the tablets. I was grazing mostly but if I ate a full low fat meal I had a tablet.

I also went out for a chinese meal with my friends on saturday, I stuck to chicken and veggy stuff but had the dreaded side effects on sunday, It wasn't too bad at all but enough to teach me lesson! LOL!

This week has been decent so far, I have stuck to it and now i'm not ill can get back to my fitness classes!

Ooooh, I ordered the ministry of sound fitness DVD too so i'm waiting for that to come! I can manage 2 fitness classes a week, I dunno about anyone else but I get sick of going out the house when I have already been out all day working! Does that make me a hermit? LOL!

I'm still craving savoury stuff as well, has anyone got any savoury low fat snack ideas I could pinch?

I'm not due back at the doctors until I have finished this batch, of which I have a couple of weeks worht left. Let just hope I have lost something! LOL! I certainly don't FEEL or LOOK like i have lost any!
oh sorry to see you were ill, at least your back in the zone.

i crave savory snacks too, i usually, have a cheese and onion roll i know the calories are quite good,i dont like sausage rolls, i also have vegitables and dips the dips are low fat, you could also try a cup of soup but not sure about the calories on that.

So much good work, eating well, went to fitness class last night, ate well again today and did most of my fitness DVD today and then remembered I had forgotten to take my teatime tablet. It was just over an hour so I have taken it!!!

I'm starting a new finess class tommorow, powere hour is its name, I'm scared!

PS, Thanks GeorgieStar, I'll look up your suggestions and check the fat levels on them!
So this last week has been quite positive! I've stuck to my diet and been to two fitness class, and done my fitness DVD!

I had mates round last night and we were having a drink, they all ordered a curry and I RESISTED!!!!!

It was actually really hard, does that sound strange? I really really wanted too but I never!

I have made white and milk chocolate corn flake buns for Curtis tonight and I'm going to treat myself to one.

They are only small and I haven't had chocolate for about 3 weeks. So i'm going to allow myself!

I have also bought porridge and low fat jam today to have for m brekkie next week. I hope I like it. I hatecereal and milk so hopefully this is a compromise!

Bring on next week! Boxercise, yoga and Aerobics and continuingwith the diet!
So, a quick update.

Diet is going well, savoury cravings are increasing but i've bought some low fat cheese spread and rivitas to try and combat this.

I don't feel or look like I have lost any weight, I don't weigh in for another week either, and I haven't weighed myself for nearly a month now, but I am itching to at times.

I was speaking to my neighbour yesterday, whom I had noticed had lost a MASSIVE amount of weight over the past few months, so I asked him how he had done it and he explained he did it on the lighter life, and I must admit I was super jealous!

I would DEFINITALY consider this if the low fat diet, LOTS of exercise and tablets don't help me start shifting some pounds soon but its super expensive and my partner isn't keen at all, infact he's banned me from even suggesting it to him!

I think he just thinks its just too extreme, he wasn't a fan of me doing the tablets but does regard them as a very good deterant if anything else.

I think the LL plan would be really good for me, i'm a kinda all or nothing girl, so i think that's one of the reasons I struggle with diets.

LL = me knowing I just CAN'T have food and need to stick to shakes etc...

Low fat diet = me knowing i have to stick to a low fat diet but because I am taking in food, and want more or different foods.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I really don't think even if I *could* afford it he would be supportive and thats a massive off put, but if I really felt I needed to, I would do it regardless.

I have day dreams, what if I'm doing all this? 3 classes a week, low fat diets, resisting eating out with all my mates and certain foods we all eat together and nothing happens? I stay this way? I know its irrational, but I am feeling that way out today.

I just want to be happy and enjoy my life and today, I'm feeling a little miserable about it all to be honest.


But, I know I got myself here and I know I need to get myself out. So off to Yoga tonight, my relaxing exercise that I do. Although I did do a 45 minute boxing circuit yesterday an felt like I was going to vomit. I'll be going back next week though! ha! and its back to aerobics tommorow night!

*wallow over*
Sounds like you are thinking positively. But remember you don't have to be a saint, if you go by 80/20 rule you can indulge on occasions, (says me who freaks out about 1 valentine meal!) Anyway, I don't care what anyone says and each to his own but LL and anything that involves less than the recommended amount of calories in one day is dangerous in my opinion.

I know two women in my local town who ended up in hospital. One had a fit, the other suffered severe chest pain and other complications, so whilst I am mindfully respectful of those who do it, I would definitely never do it. Sounds to me like you are losing confidence in yourself, and perhaps believing that LL will be easier for you? The choice is yours hun, but I do think that by your description you are really making progress and getting your mind into the swing of it all.
*My first weigh in!!*

And what a confusing one it has been!

I went to an introduction to Lighter Life class yesterday, just to see what it was all about.

Anyway, they weighed me on there posh digital scales, at 119.8kg, so I converted it and it converts to - 18.9st, and I was pleased with this because my start weight was 19.8 4 weeks ago! which is a 13lb loss!

But i was all too aware that it was different scales and that I shouldn't rely on it, I should use the scales I was originally weighed on at the docs!

Before I went to docs I weighed myself at the gym and it said 120kg's, bang on which is - 18.9st, which is the same as above.

So I went to the doctors today and the weighed me on the scales, not the same ones though :mad: because I wasn't in the room!!!! I was hoping to use the samescales each month there!!

He said it was showing 116ks, which converts to - 18.3st, which means I have lost a 1st, 6lb's! But he turned round and said, you've "roughly lost this" and roughly lost that", you've lost about half a stone??? WHAT!? But he had my reading on the computer before which was 19.8? so I was like? Can't doctors do maths? But quite frankly he has been rude all appointment to me so I wasn't going to argue with him.

ANYWAY, I have bought myself some Salter digital scales today (£10, BARGAIN, from home bargains, for anyone needing any!!) and weighed myself and they say 119.8, which is 18.9, which is a 13lb loss and the same as two other readings I have.

So on average, I have lost 13lb! And i'm annoyed at the doctor and the whole flippin process I went through to get to that reading as well to be honest because I thought I would just be ale to weigh each month at the doctors but they can't even do that right!!

So 13lb's, Yay! My first goal done and I have scales of my own because obviously the only person I can rely on is myself :D

(rant over) :eek:
Quick update.

Weekend was good, ate out with my boyfriend where I chose what I want and loved and naughtliy had a snickers which was soooooo nice, next day wasn't bad on the old side effects, so I must have not indulged as much as I usully would!

The start of this week is hard, I'm hungry a lot lately, I had a ham toastie for breakfast this morning (can eat it on the way to uni LOL) had a ham sandwhich for dinner, with mullerrice, 2 plums and an apple and by the time I got him I felt sick with hunger so I grabbed some light crisps and a slice of bread with ham which isn't bad on fat at all but the crisps weren't great, so that wasn't good but I felt sick with hunger!

Than had spag bol for tea!!

I have been having a lot of bad headaches lately and had to actually go to bd the week before last with it. I'm wondering if its something to do with not eating certain foods etc... they have eased but do come on strong sometimes...

I'll have to keep my eye out. I was well hydrated today though so I don't know?

Anyway, aerobics tommorow and my class partner is having her hair done so i'm off on my own! Go me! :eek:

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