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your FAVOURITE SW free food

so this weekend it seems like everyone has been stressing about what they shouldn't have so why not celebrate what we CAN have. I'll start with my SW top 5 free food...

seafood - i LOVE smoked salmon, prawns, squid and mussels
pasta n sauce - how they can be free i dont know
baked beans
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Chicken! (in any way shape or form, tasty as....)
Bananas (slightly worried I might be addicted)
Super (low fat) noodles (chicken and herb, lol).
Stawberries, hmmm loads actually YUM. :)


Trying again!!
Eggs - so versatile
Pasta - so quick and can vary with Sauces
Bananas - filling snack and easy on the go.
Noodles for the same reason as pasta

and at the moment for me it's Asda Chick Pea Dhal - though I am in danger of boring myself with it lol!
fresh pineapple - ice cold from the fridge
salad potatoes - hot or cold
pasta & sauce, savoury rice

Fave heb - alpen lights. choc and fudge flavour.

Dying to try the new Fibre Plus bar I have read about on here. Sending hubby off to tescos to get some for me today while I am at SW meeting.
vegetables (sorry to cheat but I can't pick just one LOL)
Activia FF yogurts (because I really don't like Mullers)


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All of them. Well into eggs at the mo
Ooh some lovely foods mentioned there. Mine have to be:

1. Eggs, could easily eat a box a day! :eek:
2. Chicken - lunch & dinner, curried, spiced etc... I love it
3. Spinach! Nom Nom Nom
4. Prawns
5. Yellow Plums
Excellent Thread! I was just thinking of a similar thing yesterday while slyly opening a jar of pickled onions and feeling all naughty (because I love them so much)

Pickled onions- food of the gods!
........and pickled beetroot, cabbage and gherkins
All shellfish
Melon- all cubed up and looking pretty
Mushy peas
A jacket potato done in the oven so the skin is all crispy but the inside is fluffy....heaven!
SW chips
SW burgers
SW curry
0% greek yogurt
Prawn wonton soup from Costco

so many more I will kick myself.........
is sushi free on EE? i love sushi but it always had syns because of the rice/fish combo...
My favourite is almost a free meal!

Cheese and Onion flavoured Smash (0.5) made up with heb A lf cheese added then grilled to go all crispy on the top and served with baked beans!! YUM - true comfort stodgy food!!!
is sushi free on EE? i love sushi but it always had syns because of the rice/fish combo...
Yes, as long as it doesn't contain sesame seeds or mayo.

If you look in the books or online and go with the 'take the lowest syn count of red/green it appears to have syns but this is a SW flaw as on a red day the rice is synned and on green the fish is synned- on EE if the ingredients are just rice and fish it's free- yum!


Too big to fail
mmm, making me want to try out this Cheese n Onion smash you speak of, Jacquie!
Mug Shots (life saver at work)
Baked Beans

Yummy yummy x makes me hungry just thinking about them
I am going to try the cheese and onion smash too xx


Not evil at all
Sushi is my new favourite free SW food!! lol

My faves are seafood, steak, potatoes, all the free yoghurts, cheesy macaroni in a box, satsumas, bananas, grapes, rice, hmm can't think of anything else just now but it's pretty much everything that's free!
1. Eggs
2. Mughsots
3. Butternut squash :D
4. wee cherry tomatoes
5. Chick peas

And I LOVE making risottos, I could eat them every night if I could ... the b'f gets fed up with them!


Slow but sure....
White meat
Free Quorn products
100% FF Greek Natural Yoghurt

And probably lots more that I can't think of at the moment....
Glad you like my Cheese and Potato Pie 'recipe'!
My mum was not much of a cook, the boy does this bring back happy memories! That and Stovies was about her full repertoire!
Hope you all like it!

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