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Your honesty is required...


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course not!!! :D go for it - after all, you only live once :D xx


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Erm - yes - sorry I don't think leggings are flattering on anyone other than teenagers and then only skinny teenagers.
Leggings, IMHO, don't do anyone any favours ;)
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knees high boots and a tunic top, lovely (I'm 39 lol)
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i have some (i'm 37) for comfort and slobbing purposes only, oh and i might weigh in wearing them as they're light as a feather lol


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No, you are not too old!
I am going to get a pair as I have a lovely
top that will only look good with leggings.
I decided on that over the weekend, so it's on my Must Get list.
AND I am nearly 53!


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Worst item of clothing for women ever invented, along with jogging bottoms, alright in the gym, but we have all walked down the street and looked at someone who should not be wearing them. and the elastic waists are what got most of us to SW in the first place.


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Dude, I love mine. Tights can feel really restrictive and I wear them under dresses. I also have some huge sweaters that come off the shoulder and go right down over my bum and look like jersey dresses and I wear leggings with them too.

Get some!
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Personally, I think kids should stop wearing them at about puberty! My absolute pet hate. No-one, but no-one looks good in them. Just my very humble opinion. At the end of the day though, if you like the, and like what you see in the mirror, go for it!!

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I'm 39 and I'd wear them but with a long tunic top and maybe some boots or flats



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I think leggings are fine if they look more like footless tights i.e not wearing them with a top that ends at the top of your thighs. i think they can look good with an above the knee dress and shoes with some heel. If you were going to wear them with a polo shirt I would be shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! xx
i understand peoples problem with leggings as they are not suited for everyones shape.i wear them all the time with dresses or long tops.
personally i wouldnt wear them as trousers but as long as the top covers my bum then im happy!
as for too old.you are never too old!
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No! I think 38 isn't too old for leggings. Think of them as really thick tights!

It depends if you're wearing mid-calf length ones or full length ones. And make sure they're plain not patterned. And please not fluorescent!!! ;)

No, they don't suit everyone but they do look good on some people and they make a tunic style top very wearable.

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