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  1. Abyss

    Abyss Schwing !

    I feel like i've been away for too long !!

    I've had an up and down past 2 weeks. Ended up spending a weekend with my best friends in London last week ... caved into alcohol (gin and tonic, black coffee with whisky and vodka lemonade) and had a salad a chicken salad and kids cooked breakfast over two days (one rasher of bacon, one egg and a sausage) felt as guilty as hell, back on the program as soon as it hit Monday, ended up losing 4lbs anyway ... and although that's good, i've found it slightly harder this week to not be thrown off course.

    Obviously V Day this week ... was skint so i decided to cook a meal for my fella from things in the cupboard. Managed to make a 4 coursed meal ! I did have nibbles on scraps (of meringue and strawberry dark chocolate ganache with cream ... SO BAD.) as I was going along (perhaps I should just keep away from cooking for a while) and i had a massive homemade pizza in a heart shape, he was a little upset that I'd only made it for him so i said i'd have a try of the pizza i'd cooked, and ended up having a tiny bit, probably not even a 1/4 of a slice. Regardless, I felt very stupid after (although i make a bloody good pizza ;p.) Since then, at the weekend it was my friend's wedding, wasn't drinking and I was the designated driver - ended up drinking gin and tonic, vodka and tonic and lemonade and vodka then got a taxi back (a small victory that i stayed away from the carby buffet.) Felt a little rough this morning so i had a steak for lunch. I NEED TO STOP.

    As of tomorrow this nonsense has to stop. It feels as though i've had too much stuff going on all at the same time, i've had the best of intentions in each scenario ... but perhaps my will power has dwindled ever so slightly.
    To keep on track I want to start making weekly goals to stick to as that should focus my mind away from doing something ridiculous each week.

    I wanted to be in the 12s this week, i'm going to strive for what remains of this week to make that happen (although too much damage may have already been done, but I won't know until i stand on those scales on Wednesday !)

    What are your goals this week ? I need inspiration for perhaps next week or the week after :]

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  3. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Welcome back Abyss! I wondered where you'd gone off to!

    Draw a line after your naughtiness and keep going. :) Though sounds to me like you're more aware of things now and are exercising more control than you think you do! It's all steps in the right direction.

    I think weekly goals are slightly unrealistic - as weight loss can be so very erratic and random. I even gained 1lb somehow while being 100% - so it may be more disheartening when you don't hit a weekly goal! Though - you can set light exercise goals or something that doesn't really involve weight loss as such? Just an idea. :)
  4. Abyss

    Abyss Schwing !

    Ehehe, i'm still here Minerva XD

    I really think I kicked myself out of ketosis big time this week (had another naughty day) .... starting to get similar symptoms as I did the first time I went into it, feel slightly sick and dizzy ... so that's good ! But yes I think you're right, big line and then carry on ! I've already come so far, not stopping now !

    Hmm the only problem with exercise goals is that I do do quite a bit of exercise anyway (i run at least once a week now) with going to the gym, and i'm still a little scared that it'll affect my weight loss if i do any more than i'm doing. I'll probably start that when i'm a little nearer to my overall goal and kick it into a routine. I think mini-goals would probably be better, i do think you're right though - weekly goals are probably a little unrealistic. Maybe something along the lines of once I get to 12st 7lb i'll buy myself a nice new outfit/bit of jewellery or something to reward myself ! Perhaps a little more realistic ? Just need to set a deadline then (according to LL "goal setting" rules :'])

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