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Your pets and their habits/oddities/phobias?

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Inspired by the Your Pets and the names thread I am interested in your pet's personality?

My parents' labrador has a kitchen floor phobia. They got wooden floors throughout the house when he was about a year old and he came flying in one day and skidded with his legs splayed which frightened him and he's been unable to cross further than about a couple of feet from the door since. He is making progress finally, on Halloween night he was at the back door and I asked him to walk round to the front so i could let him in but he seemed keen to come in through kitchen. But when he came up the big step he was reluctant to go further but with lots of coaxing he made it all the way across to lots of cheering from me and my brother. was on the phone to my friend and was like 'what was that all about?' :giggle: Also Rocky used to swallow socks when he was a puppy he coughed a whole one up one day in the forest!

My boy Ozzy is rather fond of teabags, herbal bags in particular, must be the sweetness. he will chew up and spit out at least he doesn't swallow them lol.

So what's your pet's wee quirk?:D
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Oh dear there's so many! my dog charlie likes to chew the hard bits off stuffed toys eyes, nose the lot gone! I made the mistake a few years ago of leaving one of my old teddies i've had for years on the bed, by the time i got there the poor sod had no face left. He's also obsessed with shower scrunchies, i don't think i've had the same one for more than 2 weeks, when he was younger he has this weird thing of going for shoes but instead of chewing them, he'd only rip out the sole, oh and he loves 'collecting' things, I thought his basket was looking a bit lumpy/large, I lifted it up only to find leaflets, socks, a shoe and a cardigan I thought I'd lost. But hes terrified of ladders, hes only got to spy one and hes off lol. So far the cat seems pretty normal, shes still young so there's always time!


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Gizmo is scared of my gizmo gremlin toy, funny as they are both gizmo's! the cat gizmo crawls up to it, tail between his legs and ill move the toy suddenly and he bolts out the door.

gizmo does like to sleep on my clothes though, but only clothes ive worn and not washed. if they have been washed he wont go near them! i always find my hoodies covered in furr


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My oldest dog Benny has an obsession with underwear for some reason! My youngest dog Oz likes taking letters off the dining room table and chewing them. Benny has to empty everything of water. Waterbowl, bath, sink, the pool outside. It has to be empty. When we give him a bath he digs at the plug til it comes out and the water empties! :)

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