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Your Vice!

Ok, what is everyone's vice, either slimming related or not?

Mine is Domino's Pizza, i love it and havent had once since February but i find it so difficult if i am at friends and they order one in, it makes me literally drool!

My non slimming vice has to be salon treatments, i love getting pampered but it can sometimes get a little expensive!
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Gold Member
Food. LOL

Seriously, it has to be chewy sweets (think refresher bars etc) and chocolate. I wish my vice was celery... i would never have got fat!!! :eek:


Full Member
Everything lol

Donor Kebabs with Garlic Mayo are my big downfall!


Full Member
Chocolate every time for me - I can be completely stuffed to the gills with food but I will still crave chocolate!

My non dieting one is definitely shoes! x


I can do this............
i love crisps! any types could sit and eat them all day! also alcohol i absolutly love to sit down at the end of the day with a cold crisp glass of white wine!! mmmmmmmmmm!
oh God thats easy...... bread. ! ! !
I could just die for a slice of toast with proper butter on it....
oh GOD I better stop talking about it now. lol
I cannot go shopping first thing in the morning because I know that all the fresh bread is being put out and the smell of it would just kill me.
Non food would def be mascaras. Every time there is a new one out I have to have it.....


Full Member
Danish pastries. I love them. My local Morrisons had a stack of them just as you walked in. It was very hard to walk past them.

Non diet wise my vices are computers and home entertainment equipment. I love gadgets and have a bunch of computers at home that I built all networked together. I also have a big flat panel TV with full surround sound from an AV amp and one of my computers connected up to it. I even have a pocket PC in my handbag. Basically I'm a geek.


Slow but sure....
Curry, I just love curry, Chicken Madras with Pilau Rice and lime pickle with a couple of poppadoms.....oooh, I am going to miss it.


Silver Member
Ben & Jerrys Ice-Cream, Haagan Daz ice-cream, Hot buttered Toast, French Stick filled with Mature Cheese thickly sliced and coleslaw, Pringles, Pizza, Fish & Chips from chippy, Maltesers.

Non food - DS games, Wii Games, Competition Mags, Music CDs



Starting Again!
Ice-Cream, sweets and pasta with proper creamy sauce! Thing about Sw is you can have these things but I think we all suck at the horrible m word...moderation!

And non SW, cigarettes and fruit machines!
Crisps - any of 'em. Could eat them all day.

Non SW - A good book. A long bath. Wine. Preferably all together!


Reached Target. woohoo
Crusty bread!!!! I love it. xxx
mine has to be wine and chinese takeaway. I could eat a chinese for breakfast lunch then dinner...! :drool:
:Dpeanut butter, discovered reeces in the US and now you can buy them here
haribos, chocolate (pref dark) ice cream, lemon meringue pie and cheese, love cheese

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