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Yuck, bad foods!

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I do not know what is wrong with me!

Its my birthday tuesday, but as were moving into our new house mid-week.. we'v declared this weekend as my birthday weekend to celebrate. SO of course, jam packed with meals etc.. (it seems now im not fat anymore everyone thinks i can just eat whatever, last year my mother even made me a slimmingworld cheesecake for my birthday, this year.. full fat shop bought lol)

i went to a buffet thursday eve,

and oh my, did i let rip..

chips, wedges, pizza, chinese.. followed by 2 slices of carrot cake, choc brownie, cheesecake, jellybeans and icecream... etc.

worse thing was, iv been sick ever since, ( a combo of too much crap and a cold) and i didnt even enjoy it that much..

but i cant stop? iv started the day with pancakes.. again, totally unenjoyable.. and cookies.. - the cookies were good, cant complain about them!

were having a dominoes tomo, and a curry tuesday. I feel sick.. but i cant stop, its like my brains telling me i'm going to be depriving myself over my birthday so i need to eat as much as i can before getting 100% back on plan next week. I am target -1.. so i have a few lbs to play with, but whats the point in gaining lbs for food im not even enjoying??

why does bad food only taste good when your trying to resist?

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rainbows holiday buddy :)
it's hard isn't it. i went out for a curry last night and i'm going for an italian tonight, possibly for another meal tomorrow as it's my birthday weekend. although i went over on my syns last night at the meal i didn't go crazy and i ate free foods all day.... but i'm only on week 3 so my heads in a good place. i already knew what i was going to order as i do with tonight.

my family and boyfriend are under strict instructions not to get me any kind of birthday cake.... as i would probably eat the lot!

i think you've either got to accept that you're probably going to have a gain this week, enjoy it and give yourself a day to get back on plan, or reel it in and limit yourself.

happy birthday for tuesday ;)
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Its' too late to worry about what you've eaten & you realise even though your within target you may have gained.

I'd now try & eat your favourite SW foods. And on your birthday have a low syn birthday treat.

Have you made any plans for eating whilst you move? As this could cause you to eat non SW friendly food.

How exciting for you moving into a new home, hope it all goes well :)
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I havnt no, my problem is we move in wednesday night, and so i wont have any food in the house untill i go shopping thurs morn.. (i think we can all see where this is heading!.. ) i dont know what else i can do though? i will be 100% back on plan thurs as i get weighed wed nights and thurs is the start of my week.

-Happy birthday mod-karen :) x
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I feel your pain. I was like this all over Xmas and New Year. I was eating because the food was there and I really wasn't enjoying it. I was so sick of food!! It was my birthday on Thursday (Happy Birthday to everyone else too ;) ) and we went out for a meal AND had Ben and Jerry's in the cinema. And I had a day out with my Mum in Chester yesterday and we ate out.
It is frustrating, but hopefully things will calm down for you very soon. Don't panic too much. You've done SO well and anything you do put on will come off again in no time.
Happy Birthday for next week and I hope the move goes well.
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I know how you feel, when I fall off the wagon I find it hard to stop, even if it makes me feel ill!

Just focus on why you are doing SW, and treat tomorrow as a fresh start xx

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