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YUK I need help please

S: 13st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.59%)
Hello everyone and happy slimming to you all. I joined the lipotrim programme today so I suppose it will take some getting used to, however I need some advice from you ladies (and gents).
How do I make the food taste palatable :eek:.
I have put a spoonful of coffee in the vanilla shake and warmed it up and it is just about drinkable.
The chicken soup is not too bad if I don't smell it although it could do with more flavour.
Not tried the chocolate or strawberry yet but I expect they are just as bland.
Can we do anything to improve the flavour of these foods, I really want to succeed on this diet and feel it would be a crying shame if I failed just because the food rough. Did the nutritionists who developed this food not try it or am I just being picky.

Please give me any advice you have avaliable before I get round to the other two drinks.:cry:

Love to all
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Here we go again!
Hi Karen and welcome. I only have the choc and strawberry cold so can't really help you with new recipe ideas but there are others on here that have loads of recipes for you.

After a while you really do get used to the shakes, I really like both of mine now. Get through the first week on this and it gets a lot easier, your weigh in will really spur you on. Anytime you need advice or just a chat, log on and someone will always be here to talk. Good luck, you will love the results if you stick to it.


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I'm with you on the vanilla shake and the chicken soup hun but I love the strawberry and chocolate so don't despair just yet!!
Lots of people on here mix peppermint tea with the chocolate shake for a choc mint treat. I've never tried it but sounds good.
Try your shakes with lots of ice - I find that is the best way to take them.
I also have the chocolate hot sometimes and it genuinely feels like a treat :)
I'm sure other people will have lots of useful tips!
Welcome to LT and to this forum :)
Chocolate and strawberry are the best I think, couldnt stand the vanilla. I do have the soup but thats just so I can sit at the table with my husband and kids when they eat their evening meal!!!

None of it is brilliant but at least there is no temptation to eat more of them in a day!!! ha ha Good luck, you will get used to them, honest!!


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the people at LT purposely made the shakes bland because they are assuming that the person using their products have a problem with food and so dont make them too nice otherwise you might want more of it lol as if!

h xx
The choc is nice blended with real cold water with a spoonful of powder coffee... good luck x


Getting thinner everyday!
I like the shakes and have since the start.

I have my choc shakes as a huge hot chocolate. I add the shake to 100ml of cold water in my shaker, shake it up really well and then add a couple of mugs of boiling water with 4/5 sweetners in. That way I get two mugs out of it and feel really full afterwards. I add the sachet t 100ml of cold water so that when I add the boiling water it cools it down a bit and I can shake my shaker without it ending up on the ceiling/walls/floors. It also cools it a bit so I can drink the two mugs within the 15 minutes.

Other times, I do as above but add coffee as well as sweetener to the boiling water so I get two big mugs of mocha.

I used to add pepper to the soup but stopped this when someone on here contacted LT to ask whther this was permissable and was told that it wasn't as black pepper is a berry. I had added it for weeks and still had good weight losses for the majority of weeks but have now stopped as I didn't want to risk it after reading about pepper being a no-go.

If you don't get to like them, you could always consider the cambridge diet as it has more flavours (in soups and shakes) and also bars. It's about the same price as well give or take a little.

Hope things get better for you

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i felt like this the first few days but its amazing how your taste changes with them you can add a tablet form sweetner to them but i would just let it run a bit before you do they do get better excsept the flapjack my god thats just wrong lol good luck it will get better


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I think your just being picky. They are not meant to be nice as this is such an extreme form of dieting.

Although i have liked them from the start but i only have chocolate.

Everybody's taste is different and if you really cant stomach them then its not for you.

Give everything a go and see what you like and then stick with that. Only once you are bored of that one flavour change it - your taste pallette changes so they may taste better everyday you have them.

Try the shakes with very cold water - scrummy!
S: 13st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.59%)
Good morning everyone,
Thank you for all your replies. I guess I will just have to get used to them, I have good willpower once I set my mind to something, I gave up smoking just over a year ago after smoking for 35 years and although I attended Boots Non Smoking sessions I didn't use patches or anything just willpower.

I think Summergurl you are probably right and I am a bit picky, but I have got to cook for a family every evening not to mention kids breakfasts and lunches and just thought that if they tasted better then there would not be any temptation to pick at their food.

I am gong to try hot chocolate for breakfast although that is certainly foreign to my mind, Chocolate for Breakfast, can't be right.

My chemist said the bars were rancid and rank so he didn't give me any of those and by the looks of your opinions he was right.

Talk to you all later have a good day
Love Kaz


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For sure the flapjacks are bad!! I dont like the choc unless I make it up with peppermint tea, hot or cold. The strawbwrry i need to add a tab sweetner but the vanilla is ok with a bit of cinnamon or just as it is, sometimes with coffee and a sweetner for a nice hot breaky. the soup I add black pepper ( I know this is debatable but it has not taken me out of ketosis) and a pinch of chilli powder (not curry powder). hope this helps. It will get better as the days go by. I actually look forward to my shakes every meal now. Last time I did LT(2 years ago) I hated the chicken soup, but love it now!! Your tastes will change.
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Welcome and good luck Karen.

At first the shakes do tend to taste a bit funny but that is coz you aren't used to all the vits and minerals they have in them. Your palate will change and adapt to them. I loved all 3 shakes, though hated the chicken soup, and don't mind the flapjacks (though they don't taste like flapjacks!) so I didn't get bored! I made all my shakes with 400-450ml water and always had them cold and well blended so they were like proper shakes - yummy!

I made the vanilla into a latte with a spoonful of coffee, I did try the chocolate one with peppermint tea but I wasn't keen. I found them sweet enough without adding extra sweetener but others have added them. Just keep trying them and after the first week or two you'll be fine. I managed to last many months cooking for my OH and 3 children without being tempted (often!)



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Hi Karen and welcome to LT and this forum.

I have liked the shakes and soup from the begining so I guess I am lucky.

I love the chocolate one either cold with ice in so it is quite thick, or (on someone elses advice) hot made up with peppermint tea mmmmmm.

I have the strawberry cold, the soup hot in a mug, and the vanilla I like cold same as the chocolate or hot with a spoon of coffee added.

You will get used to the skakes and soup but I have tried the flapjacks and don't like either, I couldn't finish any of them and even the dog wouldn't eat them lol.

I cook tea & breakfast every day for my 3 kids and haven't yet been tempted so if I can do it anyone can do it!!! Honest!!!
S: 13st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.59%)
Good morning everyone,

Well it's day 5 and I am doing better than I first thought, have decided that the vanilla has to go back just can't drink that either hot, cold or with coffee. The strawberry is ok if I take a deep breath then drink as much as I can, only takes two drinks to finish the shake. I like the chocolate one warmed up with 1 sweetener added and the chicken soup I have tried with numerous herbs but like it best with a pinch of salt added. So I am getting there.

I am a bit worried about my first weigh in though as it is tomorrow and it will only be day 6 or day 5 plus 1 breakfast as I didn't start LP till Saturday but my Chemist is off this weekend.

I am sure it will be fine but I will be gutted if I have not lost anything, I have cooked all week for my family and I was only tempted once when my hubby left some baked beans, (and I don't even like them) but I would have eaten them. He did take a joint of pork from the freezer for Sunday lunch and I made him put it back, does he really think I am going to drink slop and let him cook roast Pork with crackling which is all mine as nobody else likes it, not on his life, he had Beef instead which I can take or leave and he cooked the dinner all by himself then said he felt guilty eating it while I had chicken soup. Bless

Well I am off to work now I hope everyone has a really good day and thank you for all your support.

Love Karen


Here we go again!
Hi Karen, glad to read you are finding the shakes better.

One thing though, I don't think you are meant to add salt to the soup, it's a big no no!

Otherwise, keep going and it sounds as though you have got your head round this, which really helps. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, I'm sure it will be great.


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Good luck for your weigh in hun. Don't worry about the fact you've added salt, it won't make any difference at all. Like Mini says, Lt say you aren't supposed to use but i know lots of people who have and its had no effect on their losses. Your lucky you can have the soup...i'm a 100% chocolate shake girl. I can down the Strawberry like your self if i hold my breath and do it haha.

Please don't worry yourself about not losing anything. If you have stuck to this 100% you can't failed to have lost anything, it is physically impossible :D xx


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I try and have as much liquid with my shakes as poss to try and up my water intake but I like them...actually when I cheated and ate real food I found chocolate and such like didnt taste very nice as your taste buds get used to the shakes..

keep going with them and your body will do the changing for you so not as much need to change the shakes


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Try chili flakes in the soup. It was me who LT told not to add pepper to the soup, but I still add a little! They told me not to add ANYTHING to ANY of the shakes/soups!
I can only take the shakes made up with a little water, 3 sweeteners and LOTS of crushed ice. I find if I use too much water to make the shake then the flavour is diluted a little? Might be just me though? Chocolate is definately my favourite, and I have the soup every evening- in a bowl, with a spoon- like a 'proper' meal! LOL!
I'm even developing a taste for the flapjacks?! I divide them into 3 and have with a big mug of black tea throughout the day.
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I must be plain lucky, 'cos I loved the shakes all wizzed up with plenty of ice with a hand-blender. I have Vanilla with a tsp of coffee for an iced frappachino....the strawberry for lunch and always enjoy the Chocolate as a cold, thick shake for the evening meal...I've never wanted to put sweetners in any of them. I stopped using sweetners about 24 years ago and stopped drinking diet drinks about 6 years ago so my sweet tooth has all but gone. There is so much bad press about artificial sweetners, flavouring and preservatives I try to avoid them when at all possible. Hey! You are only on this for a relatively short period of your life, (hopefully) just tell yourself this is the first and last time you will have to do this and time will fly by!
S: 13st11lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st5lb(2.59%)
Hi, Thanks for all your lovely supportive replies. I have tried chilli flakes and garlic flakes in the soup but not bothered about it to be honest, I do think it taste quite nice with added salt so I am going to keep adding it, 348 grains of salt can't make that much difference. Can it???

I don't have sugar or sweeteners in anything normally but find I have to have 2 in the chocolate shake to make it palatable for me.

Just going to have my lunch now homemade chicken soup, yummy!!

Karen. x

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