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Yukky Tasting Mouth



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Hi, u can get breath strips, chemist should sell them or u can get them on eBay and they are allowed :)
Breath strips

I definitely advise the breath strips! They help for a short amount of time anyway, i'm brushing my teeth three times a day but still got an icky taste in my mouth...I literally go through about 3 packs of those strips a week almost 1 every hour i'm awake aha x
I don't use as many as Myckala (!) but I can definitely recommend the breath strips. Mine are called Nu-Phar from the same pharmacy that sells Lipotrim. A herbal tea and loads of water also helps. Bad breath = good ketones and weight loss. :D
Haha Jessie thats what I was thinking. I'll have to get some when I'm there on Saturday, its driving me mad!!!!

Thanks you everyone
Get the breath strips... Nu phar, my pharmacy sell them. They are at times a lifesaver!
am I the only one who can't stand the breath strips? taste really horrid I think (although, admittedly, better than the taste of my death breath)

I like to drink peppermint tea when I taste the stench coming on, haha, and I always take listerine with me!


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I also get furry tongue! Anyone else? I can scrape layers off it when brushing my teeth! Yuch!
Yes I get the furry tongue too....its awful.
I also get a furry tongue and rotten breath :( i use the breath strips alot tho, theyre so handy to carry around

DISASTER!! my pharmacy are out of the breath strips till later on this week and I have none left.....looks like it'll be bad breath all day every day till the end of the week :'( even if i buy some online they're not going to be here early enough.......argh this is bloomin typical x
I've have upped the amount of water I drink during the day at work so in total having about 3.5 litres a day now. I have noticed that my mouth doesn't taste so yukky anymore, not sure if its helping the breathe....not seen anyone turn away in disgust haha. Unless they are just all too polite!


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When I was on tfr I was brushing my teeth ever so often just make it feel fresh and not so stinky but was told that I would need to add another toothbrush which had baby soft bristles as I'd be ruining my enamel

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