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yum yum - joe's sausages!


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Yummy!!!! just had my first sausages (pork and tomato) with 2 eggs (fried with fry light) and cherry tomatoes and a cup of coffee....now by my reckoning all of that is free (on red day today)....let me know if I'm wrong anyone cause if not - I am a very happy bunny to be able to enjoy that and call it a diet!!!

The only thing that would make that better would be fresh orange juice with bits in....anyone know the syns??? or if you can squeeze your own if that makes it any better????

Need to sit down now - feel stuffed!!!

Marie :happy036:
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Mm I'm waiting for my first delivery from Joes lol can't wait :)

Juice I'm not sure about, if you're making your own my old optimising book says it 1syn for the juice of 1 orange. I'm sure someone else can be more informative though.

Bring on the bangers lol


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yes I know - they are pricey....but my biggest problem is I love food!!! so the thought of eating tasty sausages outweighs the cost (a little!!!!) have tried other "diet" sausages before and haven't thought much of them....don't know about morrisons ones as there isn't one close to me and I don't shop there!
S: 27st3lb C: 25st9lb BMI: 54.6 Loss: 1st8lb(5.77%)
That's my thinking, shop brand low fat ones aren't quite the same are they. They'll do for now and again when I can get to a morrisons but I thought I'd treat myself to some proper ones 'freshly made everyday' so it says. Keeps my freezer filled with syn free easy red day stuff over christmas :)

Mrs V

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....and they do syn free burgers too....seriously considering placing an order now and for the summer for those barbeques!!!
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Who's Joe? Is he local to you guys? I do like a bit of sausage....:8855:


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I know - I ordered burgers, sausages and some of their marinated meat products!!!!!!! (went a little overboard!!!) but figured if I'm going to order I might as well stock up as the postage is high.....but then you can't fault them on packaging - heavy duty polystyrene box in a cardboard box...all nicely chilled with ice packs in - arrived as good as it would be getting it from the supermarket.....

But i have to say - what I am saving by not buying pre-prepared meals and junk food will go towards the price of joe's!!!!!! I always find dieting more expensive than normal eating anyway!!!!! more 3 for 2's and offers on things I shouldn't be eating!!!


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LOL. You lot crack me up!

I had some of Joe's sausage ;) I think I spoiled it though because I cooked them in the oven instead of grilling them. I was cooking a sausage casserole for the rest of the family, and just chucked mine in the oven too. It made the skin a bit chewy TBH. They tasted good though.

Our consultant knows of a butchers where she lives and takes our orders once a month and goes and buys them and brings them to class for us. I have some lincolnshire ones to try tonight.. yummm. I'm going to do them with veg, but am looking forward to a sausage butty tomorrow LOL


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Can I have the web address for Joes please?
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Kath you dirty bird!check your local butchers may sell them to save on postage.My butcher 2 mins from me does whole range.Morries sausage are a bit hard even if do them nice and slow...I know getting as bad as Kath now!Joe and Morrie better watch out we are all after a bit of their sausage for Chrimbo!
S: 12st8.8lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st0.8lb(8.37%)
tee hee!
Don't you just love Joe's sausages - you've got it right to use Fry Light on them as they brown under the grill better.
You can follow them as a group on Facebook now as well.

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