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Yummy 300 calorie Pizza

Extracted from my diary :)

Homemade pizza
  • 75g light mozzarella from Aldi (98 calories)
  • 1/2 packet My Doimio Tomato and Cheese Sauce (31 calories)
  • 2 button mushrooms (7 calories)
  • Large Warbuton square (159 calories)
Total calories = 295

The Doimio sauce is JUST like the sauce they use in Dominos pizza (Doimio, dominos... gahh! so many Italian words) only without the gazzillion calories and fifty million unnatural ingredients. I assure you that you'll agree, and if you don't - I'll refund you the money myself haha :D

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Slimming down the aisle
Mmmmmmm I make it too with caramelised red onion and feta cheese for about 310!
OMG, this looks immense!
Ironic thing is, I'm not a huge pizza fan....but it's a great way of using up extra eat back cals ;)
The one I like is from tesco. Cheese & tomato thin crust for just £1.00 and 465 calories. But bound to be more full of crap than your is!
Honeslty, it's so nice and has no nasty additives that the supermarket pizzas have. Plus it tastes soooo nice :D
That sounds absolutley yummy!
And i know this may sound dumb but what is a large warburtons square? thanks x
Ooo this sounds good but do i trust myself with bread as once a loaf is open im
Prone to scoffing the lot x
I did with Passata and oregano and a bit of sweetner then green pepper, mozarella and spicy beef (minced dry fried with chilli and lime juice) Scrummy.

I treat myself to home made pizza's now and then by using pitta breads for the base (weight watchers ones are only 106 cals each)they are cheap to buy and you can even use flavoured ones. Just boil a tin of toms down to a thick paste with some garlic and onion in it.. then add veggies and the lowest fat cheese you can find :)

mmmm could eat one now but had enough cals for today :break_diet:
Made this for lunch last week and I love it! So filling as well! Can have one of these and I'm fine without snacking til dinner :)

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