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Yummy food not so yummy anymore?

Like others on the board, I`m a serial sniffer lol

But the last few days, I`ve found that things I previously found really yummy didn`t smell so yummy anymore?

Some things have like a plastic/chemical smell to them now, Can`t explain it properly lol

Took the kids to a themepark today and they all have a Burgerking at the service station and the burger just smelled urgh when I smelled it up close and the pack of fruit pastilles they had didn`t smell nice up close either?

There was something else I smelled the other day which was wrong but I can`t remember now lol

I`m starting to think I won`t like anything "yummy" after this diet lol

Am I the only weirdo or has anyone else found this?

LiSe Xxxx
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Have you tried other smells? I love the smell of melted cheese even though I'm not a big cheese eater!!!!! Maybe your tastebuds are changing. Fast food is defo worth avoiding even when at target.

Hi Hun x

I know not to eat it after LT, It was a treat for the kids as they were starving and we were halfway to Paultons park lol

I just find it strange that when I sniff stuff I used to love it doesn`t smell so nice anymore.

1 thing that DOES smell lush still is Cadburys choc!

Mmmmm, chocolate!!!! I will have to stick to Options hot choc when I reach goal coz I know, from experience, that I can't stick to one bar or one square of choc!!!!!!!

Paultons Park - was it good? You could have popped in for a coffee on your way back, you almost passed my house!

LOL i havn't got to the sniffing stage yet trying to avoid food is enough for now but i think as i get closer to goal i'll give it a go see if my senses have altered too :D

Debz x


Positivity is the key
Hi Lise,
it's amazing you posted that as I was saying similar today to my chemist. At the start of this I would sniff everything, esp cheese and onion crisps, I have the odd sniff still but it doesn't hold the same attraction for me. She said that is a good sign as I am less attached to it now, I will take that positive.
The strangest thing that has happened me is I have become a coffee drinker, only this week. I always loved the scent but not the taste, however I think it's because on this we are quite bereft of tastes a nice strong one is a bonus. I did it by accident, put a vanilla shake into ice when I meant it to be chocolate and since I didn't fancy it I decided to do what some have done on here and added coffee and hey presto, it was good. I now have a cup of coffee every day with the flapjack, black of course with 2 sweetners.
So stopped sniffing and took on a different vice, Lt is a strange thing.

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