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Yummy Recipes/ ideas for all!

Just thought it might be fun for people to post their fave LT shake recipes/mixes/combos, to give everyone a few new ideas!

I personally mix my choc/vanilla shakes with a tablet sweetener, a cup of crushed ice, some water and a teaspoonful of Nescafe granules, whizz them up in a blender and enjoy the second best thing to a Frappuccino!

The choc flavor makes a great iced mocha, while the vanilla one is just like a coffee frap from Starbucks, without any of the guilt!

Any other ideas or suggestions?

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Sounds delicious, especially choc and peppermint, blended with ice would be so tasty!

Also, making the choc up with hot water, like a hot chocolate is delicious!


I will be skinny again!!!
I did that by accident once, Put hot in instead of cold and the shaker poped so i only got a little bit lol
I love Coffee, and for the first time today tried it Black n it was actually okay.
But my favourite shake is vanilla, spoon full of coffee n hot water(bit of cold too to stop shaker from melting), LUSH!!!
I'm on three of them a day and finding it good as I'm still getting my caffeine fix,LOL.
Yeah, good call! Something I also found helps is instead of having a full third shake, just have half a packet, and save that extra half packet of vanilla to use as a creamer substitute, in your coffees! It really helps and its great for those of you who are having trouble drinking it black!
I also like to have half a packet of vanilla shake with half a packet of chocolate shake, just makes a creamy chocolate shake, I always have it warm and mix with a blender, but I accidentally did it cold one day and it was just as nice.

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