Yummy.... vanilla readibrek!!


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:D :D ..Ok just teasing a bit!! :D :D

But it certainly reminds me of it. !! I made up a vanilla shake last night and then added after it was made a heaped desert spoon of p/husks, mixed in and hey presto..... yummy scrummy pseudo readibrek!!

I kid you not it was LOVELY!! I so enjoyed it.! I am looking forward to another bowel of it tonight. :)

Came out so much much better than the horrible chocolate gloop I made on Saturday :eek:

Deb x
Glad it worked for you this time Deb ... you're right: it really IS like Readibrek (and really filling too!)

Once you get the 'knack' of adding the PH, it's easy-peasy :)

(Told you it was good!! ;) ) Isn't it amazing how resourceful we become on a VLCD!!
oooooough...must try just mixing in...never occurred to me to do that at all!!! doh!!! all for getting out the whizzer and whizzing up some pond gloop I am!!

Thats exactly what I did first time, bunged everything in blender and got a yucky gloopy mess! :eek:

It seems to work better if you make your shake as normal and then add it afterwards, comes out so much nicer. I can really recommend it. :)

I would have the same in the mornings for brekkie but just too rushed at the moment so its a tetra on the go.

It really does give a nice texture to the shakes when you get it right. :D . I love it.
Can you have it warm? It would make a lovely breakfast meal.