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Zafi's New Journey on the Blue Pill......


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Ok, So Im starting xenical tomorrow (Monday 4th July 2011) for the 2nd time and this time I actually understand it thanks to my amazing new dr and this great forum!

I have a huuuuge amount of weight to loose and Im really not lookin forward to the long hard slog BUT I am going to do it this time, If I moan in this thread PLEASE kick me up the ass lol

I have bought a Wii Fit for wen Ive lost a bit of weight... as the poxy thing told me "the weight standing on me is too heavy" :cry: I cried and put it back in the box and its stayed there for the last 2 weeks!

I have also got Just Dance2 which Im actually enjoying! drop the kids at school, come home.. close the curtains and dance like a dad at a disco! I know I proabbly dont look very attractive doin it but hey its fun lol

My 1 fear I have is baggy skin... as I cant have unessessary surgery due to my stupid skin.. I get aggresive keloids .. had radiotheropy on my ear lobe 2yrs ago from wen i had my ears pearced .. anyway im waffling lol

So tomorrow is the start of the new me.. I have snack a jacks, crisp breads and cottage cheese! oh and picked onions for a start as Im diabetic I have to watch sugars levels too! urgh never ending lol
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welcome to the forum zafi. hope tomorrow goes well for you

Your not the only one who has a lot to lose so you've come to the right place for motivation and inspiring stories.

Good luck :)
Welcome Zafi, this forum is fantastic, friendly and supportive. Looking forward to hearing how your getting on. The guys here are great and don't be afraid to ask questions if your unsure about anything.



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hey Zafi I come on here and all i do is moan and waffle lol I know what u mean about the wii fit think i just fit on it i think and it show my person lookin like a beach ball. i also have loads to lose but will get there, eventually. this is my 2nd time too, first time i didnt understand it and had the dreaded oil constantly!! it put me off takin them that was about 5yrs and 5 stones ago so needless to say i am back on them. i understand more about them now but i have to say that is all due to this forum, i have had no other info from anywhere, it wasnt even the dr who gave me the pills it was the nurse and all she told me was come back in a month and have to at least lose 2 lbs!!!! not very good. but on here I've had meal ideas and everything , when i thought about a low fat diet my head just went blank couldnt think of anything lol so needless to say when i went for my shopping on start day was there for about 2 hrs picking up loads of things reading them putting them back , swearing , then finding something low in fat hurrah lol good luck x
Good luck on your journey Zafi. I just started last week and am still finding my feet.

Another one with a Wii Fit who closes the curtains and dances and runs around the living room like a loon! Still, got to be done....


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Today is an inset day for my kids .. so they have gone to nans for the day .. PEACE lol

Think Im doin ok so far.... was weird eating breakfast .. even if it was yoghurt and banana!

That MyFitnessPal is great! only thing im unsure of is.. how much fat should i set as limit for a full day? 79g which it says for my stats seems very excessive and i dont think my little blue pill would appreciate that lol
So wot did any of u put as ur stat thing for fat? lol


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Ive just measured bits of me and Im mortified! Im going to post them tho as its motivation for me to loose the inchs! and I can see re - measure each week/month.

Vile horrible yuk.

Waist- 56 inch
Hips- 63 inch
Thigh 32 inch
Arm- 16 inch
Under boobs- 55 inch
Round boobs 63 inch.


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Hi hun, you're not the only with a lot to loose hun, there's lots of people around here and other parts that have a lot to loose, and I know you can do it! It's best to set mini goals, it makes things seem more do-able ;)

Stick to around 15gs of fat per meal around 45gs per day, and no more than 5gs of fat per 100gs of everything you eat and you'll do fine! I wouldn't take much notice of the calories just yet, concentrate on the fat and start there, just make sure you're eating enough.

I've always found breakfast a struggle, but I always try to have something, even if it's a yoghurt, banana or a piece of toast, I love porridge ;)

You'll get there hun, stick with us and you'll be fine :)


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Ok so Day 1 has gone ok i think...

B ) vanilla mulerlight yoghurt and a banana = 1 g of fat & 185 Cals

L) 5 Crispbreads, 2 slices of Ham, 5 pickled onions, cottage cheese and snack a jacks = 6g of fat & 451 cals

D) 2 Jacket Spuds, tin of beans, cottage cheese and philly light = 8g of fat and 609 cals

Total of 15g of fat & 1245 Cals .....

Not bad ? but I dont think Ive eaten enough.. Im scared to ... lol

any advice greatfully recieved x
I remember being scared to eat at first but there's really no need. So long as you read the label and make sure its 5g of fat per 100g or less then you will be fine. Just remember you will only get the side effects IF you dont follow the rules


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Don't be scared hun! There's nothing to be scared off really, the only way you're going to have any bottom trouble is if you got out the rules, I think you'll be fine!

I was scared at first too, but you'll soon adapt :)


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hey zafi and welcome aboard. Don't be scared to eat, as long as you follow the 5% fat rule you will get no side effects. If you start too low with the cals, it will be harder to make cuts in calories later when your body fat decreases and so does your calorie requirement so my advice would be to try to aim for what my fitness pal tells you then later on you can cut when needed.

I look forward to seeing how you get on x


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hey Zafi, I was really scared at first too but the other guys/gals are right it gets easier and u start to know what u can eat. i have only had one oily moment and that was when i ate a blue riband, always remembered from my weight watchers days that it was considered a good snack as it was so low in calories, but never told u how much fat was in it, 5g for just one biscuit, soooooooo not worth it. its kinda like retraining ur brain i think. because uv tried so many other diets bits of their advice stick in ur head but then u realise , as i did with my friend the blue riband, they were all calorie counting alone, not any fat count which is the most important.


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Hi Zafi...how are you doing today?


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Day 2 ...

not so great... skipped breakfast.. just didnt have time :(

went to mums and she had cooked spicey bean burgers for lunch... in a wholemeal bap with lettice, sweet chilli sauce ,onions ... and edam cheese slices.... (I was sure edam was the healthier cheese as my grandad has it and he has CHD) to which i discovered wen i got home and did myfitnesspal they had 15g of fat in the 2 slices i had ... so day 2 and ive already messed up. I had a bagel with funny cow triangles (light) and snack a jacks for dinner and am now starvin so am goin to bed in a grumpy mood and starting again tomorrow *sigh*

Thanks for askin tho!
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Aww hun...the cheese was an accident hun, sadly all cheese is out, doesn't matter where it's the lowest of the low, it's till too much :( I've lived without cheese for nearly a year, I don't even miss it now, and cheese was a big part of my life, I had it on everything!

If you don't think you'll have time to sit and eat breakfast then maybe do something you can take with you, a piece of toast, grap some crisp breads or something, it's so important to get something in the morning :)

You're doing very well though, you're not screwing up! Well done :)

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