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Zero Dr Pepper

Defo sicky sweet marzipan yuck taste - swap your water any day, bottle gonna be put down sink!

How you doing anyway has the k fairy visited yet? xxx
hehe :D asdas own diet coke is the way forward.....lol! keeps me sane knowing i can have a glass of coke without it being syrupy zero stuff!

k fairy must be delayed cos shes not quite here yet. To be honest i dont mind cos i have a planned big night out on sat so i know i;ll be bringing myself purposely out of ketosis that day to have a drink.....im just counting the days down til sunday so i can get my serious head on again and put social events in the past til summer haha!

We have really scarily similar start and target weights lol....love it!! x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Never tasted Dr. Pepper, zero or normal. I am going to get a can of zero next time I'm shopping, which isn't very often when I'm not eating food lol. Sounds like an acquired taste?
I know and I have a couple a events in feb so I think I'll be in the same shoes as you then!!!

We can be diet buddies cos lets face it we are gonna be on it alot longer than some lucky people xxx
I had my first one the other day Mia- hadn't tried fatty or zero DrP before and I hafta say - it was grand!

Took a few sips to get used to the sherbet taste, but it's got more flavour than coke zero so I'm delighted with it!
...that said, I've also developed a taste for Exante cereal bars, so am guessing my taste buds may be f*cked :)
Oh mia food shopping is a nightmare eh lol. Well if i could describe coke zero or dr pepper zero...i reckon theyre way too sweetened and taste syrupy. But i guess people like it for that very reason! I think theyve tries to make it taste like full fat stuff but i always preferred diet coke so i dont like the over sweetened taste. :) xx
Yeah Terri definately....i could use a diet buddy lol! I have been invted to a few nights out in march and april....but if i go to them all im gonna struggle to keep on track, so just gonna have a blow out on sat, have a really good night.....and make it my last til target. xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
I love it ladies! Defo a nice change from water! Suppose it like marmite! you either love it or hate it!

Well babystar I have friends coming round on 12th for kebab and vodka, 12th my n hubbie are seeing russell howard and 2nd March is my b-day but stil shoudl be ok xxx ok buddie we canhelp each other out xxxx
Ok buddy.....we sre will be helping each other out. I just pped my rowing machine time to 40 mins tonight and actually relived the bridget jones exercise bike moment....stood up and almost fell back down with wobbly leg syndrome haha.....back to 30 mins tomorrow i think! lol x


That pesky stone crept back.
I defy the odds by not being sure about either Marmite or Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is too sweet, but if you went mad at the supermarket, try watering it down with fizzy water, and it's not too bad. If I could make marmite slightly less salty, then I would like it more. Marmite: Reduced Salt. I can't see it taking off though.
Marmite is just fab! It's the one thing that I choose if I'm trying to avoid sweet treats that my body seems to accept as an alternative treat. I know some people hate it though.

Dr Pepper - yuk! Really can't drink it... reminds me of cough medicine... ;)
I wish wish wish they sold Zero drinks in pubs/bars... Would make nights out sooo much easier...


gunna be a fatty for ever
I wish wish wish they sold Zero drinks in pubs/bars... Would make nights out sooo much easier...

Yes I agree! No one wants to sit hugging a jug of water on a night out do they!? booooo! haha


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