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Zero/low carb foods anyone?

Hello all!
My Mum is doing lipotrim. She started off ssing but she's insulin-dependant diabetic and her blood sugar was getting too low at night so she's switched to the maintenance plan. This means she's having two foodpacks and a very low carb meal in the evening. Apart from the basic chicken, fish and eggs can anyone recommend any zero or low carb foods she can have? Bearing in mind she's also diabetic..

Any help is much appreciated!!!

Thanks, Gemma x
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Cottage cheese, quorn, tofu, salad, vegetables (not potatoes, carrots or root veg like swede as they've got more carbs). Milk and yogurt - low fat varieties.
Cheers flirty!
Mum's pharmacist wasn't very helpful as she hasn't been doing it long and has never had anyone doing maintenance. I've looked on the web but am getting conflicting messages. One site said to avoid veggies 'cos they're all basically full of carbs!! :confused:

Gemma x


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I think the general rule with carbs and vegs is to avoid root veg so anything thats grown in the ground, carrots. pototoes etc... brocoli, cauliflower, cabbage are low carb... also some fruits, strawberrys, ( stay away from the banana's) and some nuts too, brazil nuts i know are low.

will have a look at that link, as I used to go on a site which was uk based but can't remember what it was as it disapeared from my favourites! Hopefuly its the same one lol

Good luck to your Mum, may be worth giving the lipotrim number a call on Monday, just so they can advise her on what she should/shouldnt be having??



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I would call the lipotrim helpline a call. Its a free phone number too .....0800 413735
Hope you can get some helpful advice.
Hi there,

Insulin dependent diabetes in contra-indicated (ie. not allowed) for CD and I think for VLCD's generally, precisely because of the hypo factor. I really do recommend that your Mum check with Lipotrim HO.

Thanks for all your advice. I checked out the lowcarb megastore and there's some good stuff on there, especially some noodles I've never heard of!!
I know she can't do CD 'cos it said on the website but she is allowed to do lipotrim. Otherwise her doctor wouldn't have agreed to it? She's being monitored closely and her meds are being altered accordingly, the hypo issue is why she's switched to maintenance. Thanks for your concern.
Cheers for the info about root veg, i did think that originally but then a website cast doubt in my mind. I'll pass all your advice on! :)
Glad she's doing it with Dr's OK. I have 2 daughters who are both Type 1, so get a bit paranoid about it all! Best of luck to your Mum with with her weightloss anyway. :)

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