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Zero noodles

They smell terrible, but are ok when washed. They have little or no taste, and are a bit slimy in comparison to normal noodles, but I actually like them a lot. Very filling too. They are usually marketed under the name of shiritake (pronounced shiree-tak-ee) noodles. I loved them in stir fries and will defo be getting more again.

Hope this helps x
Are these the famous yam noodles? I love them! Obviously not now since I am on TS 100% but I remember when they came on My Big Fat Diet and everyone (it seemed) went out to get them. I get them from the local Asian Supermarket. No calories and are so bland they are great for stir fries and soups where they soak up the flavours of whatever you are cooking.

Agree with Eclipse - they absolutely stink before you wash them, but are a great addition to a meal!
i had these before and loved them in my stirfry :)
Love them. I just stir-fry them with a little soy sauce, but once I start eating proper food again I imagine that I'll be still using them all the time. I imagine that any of the dishes I make using ho fun noodles can have these substituted in.

Just seem to be rather difficult to get hold of at the moment....
There is a uk website that you can order them from. I googled it yesterday and in the US rhey are called 'Miracle noodles'. They have now brought out a 'rice' version. Looking forward to trying them out too..imagine..rice with NO calories!
I ordered from them recently - they cancelled it because they were out of stock until mid-October. Not pleased!
Actually, I found a recipe online on how to make your own noodles - just google "how to make shirataki noodles" or "how to make konjac noodles" and you'll get several recipes that tell you how to do it.

Looks kinda simple - just need konjac fibre powder and some slaked lime and you're away! Though it seems that a pasta machine might also come in use...

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