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Zoe's EE Weight Loss Diary!

Hi Everyone,

Im 20 with 2 daughters aged 3 & 9months - Ive gained around 3 stone in total with them which took me to 12stone which is what I started at on 15/11/10.. Iv'e finally got motivation after 3 years of trying all sorts of diets. Ive been on this for 4weeks now & AMAZED!! how much iv'e lost and how easily it fits into my lifestyle! Ive lost 12lb in total.

I do it from home as I cannot afford or find the time to go to the groups but I seem to be doing okay so far!! Look forward too posting and reading everyones posts! :eek:
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hi zoemee20 welcome to minimins u've done really well so far good luck on the rest of ur weight loss journey :)
Thanks both of you! Your both doing really well too by the looks of it! obv i know you amy so i know how your getting on lol :p How did the diet chicken go tonight?x
Im gonna start writing my food diary on here also so I can track what ive had to eat! So 4th weigh in today - lost 3lb so now exactly 14lbs gone!

HEA - 28g Cheese
HEB - Alpen Light Bars
2 alpen bars
Lunch - Chicken Super Noodles 3.5syns
Tea - Cajun chicken with stuffed cheese & SW chips (seasoning 0.5syn)
Snacks - Toffee muller light yougart, Hot Chocolate 3syns
Total Syns -7 syns
Well, im sbit naughty this morning and weighed myself again and another 1lb gone and i can actually see 10stone on the scales i cant quite believe it lol! just had a coffee and 2 alpen bars but im not sure what 2 have for the rest of the day yet x
yup i sure am! Right my meal plan for today:

Breakfast: 2 Alpen Bars (HEB) & Coffee
Dinner: Shreddies (5syns) using milk (HEA) & Muller Light Yogart
Tea: Beans on Toast (4syns)
Total 9syns

Really cannot be botherd 2 cook today as daughter is poorly so no motivation at all so comfort food it is lol x
yup i sure do but i havnt got nothing in atm as i havnt been shopping in ages as olivias been poorly since last thursday :(
Im having such a bad few days! Its just gonna be one of them weeks! Rent was due on 1st - but my other half is a sky engineer but self employed so actually getting paid on time and knowing what were getting paid is a pain as its always l8 and a lot less then we thought it would be - so anyway moved rent back to tomorrow - and hes still not been paid! grrrr and all ive got in my house is crappy crappy food - ive got some money untill rent but not alot - and my daughter has been poorly for the past 4 days and im soooo knackerd and my now 9 month old is moaning and groaning today - so just having a right time of it! And guys not back till late tonight (my other half) and is stuck in matlock at work in the snow and still got 8 jobs left and all i wanna do is put girls to bed - wack a film on dig into some chocolates - baileys and order a pizza!! arghhhhhh - trying to stay strong!!! My meal plan tomorrow iss:

Breakfast - 1 Alpen Bar (HEB) Muller Yogart
Lunch - 2 slice of wholemeal bread(HEB +3syns) butter 0.5syn & ham
Tea - spag bol - pork mince and ragu jar (2.5syns) with grated cheese (HEA)
Snack: Hot Chocolate 2syns
Total: 8 syns!
Chin up chick!! Things will get better!! Just keep focused... your doing so well & i know it's easy to want to "pig out" when aving a bad day but you'll only feel worse off for it tomorrow!! Keep smiling & good thinking about writing tomorrow's plan ready on here!! xxxxxxxx
Olivias cheerd up now and eating food aswell so ive calmed down now lol!! need some fresh airr i think! xx
Pffft lots of entries from other people in here! :p
Congratulations on your losses but you're not eating much are you? What plan are you doing?
Good to hear your little girl is feeling better! :)
thats cuz i know amy lol - nope not got any money 4 a food shop so got nothin in thats okay 4 me 2 eat so i either just stick 2 beans or snack on aload of crap lol
Well last night for the 3rd night in a row - Both of my babies were up all night again so im knackerd! But hey ho nothing I can do about that lol - Ive got money left over after rent for a good food shop so im off to look up recipies etc for things I can have for the next 2 weeks! wish me luck it will take me ages going through it and writing all the meals out lol - If any1 has any suggestions please let me know!x
Ive just had ham sandwich for dinner with big glass of juice- tieded the kitchen - wiped down all the bathroom & done 30mins of exercise dvd - ive got a nice food shop so hopefully will try some speed soups out over the weekend!feeling back to motivated today! :D

Oh and I make handmade Jewellery and im having a auction on fb on saturday http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=113032888766596 if anyone wants to pop along :) xx
Meal Plan for 09/12/10

Breakfast - Yogart & Grapes, Coffee with milk {0.5syns}
Lunch - Ham salad sandwich (HEB) butter {1.5syns}Coffee with milk {0.5syn} Apple
Tea - Cheese & onion pie (HEA) with side salad
Hot Chocolate {2syns}
Total Syns - 4.5 syns
oops just realised I cant have grapes for breakfast as my food shop doesnt come untill 10 - 12 lol so scrap that!!Guys off work tomorrow so hoping to go for a long walk in the afternoon or even try n get to the gym and he can babysit girls :)

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