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Zoe's Extra Easy Food Diary <3

Ive so far lost 1stone 3lb but I havnt been on track properly since the start of this year and were nearly 6months into it!! So off we go again :) Ive been back on since monday 8th May so here goes :)

Today im having:

B - x2 weetabix (heb) & milk (hea)
S - Muller yogart & coffee
L - Beans, Scrambled egg, Bacon & tom sauce (1syn)
S - tesco chocolate buiscuit (5syns whoops) & coffee
D - Cajun chicken, New potatoes, veg & mayo (1syn)
S - Option Hot chocolate (2syns)
Total: 9syns

Im awaiting for my food shop tomorrow morn so have no fruit or anything in! My pram as broken so I cant nip to shops or take my eldest to playgroup!

Any1 here use endemondo on their iphone? xx
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I am the same, have lost 1stone9.5llbs so far and have not been on track since february time, finding it so hard to get back to it. Have started being good again today, I have my weigh in tonight and I am dreading it....have not been since a fortnight and have been eating LOADS!! :sigh:

Weekends are where I go off the rails!!!

Im glad im not the only one!! Was really struggling! even with my first holiday booked in september i just cant get on it! havnt even got loads to loose and i know if i had kept at it all that time id of lost it all!! Ive been back on since monday. Because I do it from home aswell I think I lose motivation quickly which im why im going to post on here :) xxx let me know how it goes! i put half a stone back on and went from 10stone 5 to 10st 11 and nearing 11stone again is scaring me so hopefully ill be back down soon! xx
Well........i put 3.5llbs on!!! I feel so fat :sigh: but I knew I had put on. Its the first real gain ive had (apart from 0.5llb here and there) and i think its what i needed coz i feel so determined now.

I am the same, not that much to lose and if I had stuck to it, it would be off by now. I felt terrible when the scales flashed 10,10 tonight!!! I go and get weighed but cant stay for the class so I dont get much motivation either.....think I will start using this for motivation too :)

I havent got a food diary on here.....maybe I should start one....am pretty sure I would be more careful if I knew all these people could see what am eating!!
Well ive stayed on track today :) im going to make diet coke chicken in an hour & go on the wiifi for an hour tonight :) For tomorrow I think im going to have:

B - shreddies (heb) & milk (hea)
S - Apple
L - tuna,pasta,sweetcorn,mayo (1syn)
S - Grapes
D- shepards pie with veg (3syns)
S - hot choc (2syns)
Total: 6syns
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well done you...when do you weigh in?

Am still feeling motivated and feel better for eating healthier.

Diet coke chicken...that sounds yummy. How do you make it?



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Hi Zoe, and congratulate yourself on that self control you had - sometimes it's so easy to just say sod it and have what you fancy, especially if you've been really, really good.
I guess you're following EE, but are you getting enough superfree in? and you could easily have a few more syns, unless you're saving them up for later in the week..... keep at it, well done


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Was going to say that you should have more syns as well - your allowed up to 15 :)

Yeah and more superfree but I'm the same with trying to fit it in


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