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Zoes food diary

Hiiii...just a quick bit of background info about me. My name is Zoe (obviously), I'm a student, I've done weightwatchers before but have given up various times as I have had a major problem with disordered eating (espicially binging) and have put on about a stone recently which I need to lose, as I keep putting on weight and I need to sort out my eating habits and get some support.
My mum does weightwatchers too so hopefully I should be able to stick to it. I think I am allowed 17 points a day, I'll check later and will start posting my food diary tommorow and then whenever I can, hopefully every day though :)
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in fact I'm gonna post my food for tommorow here now...
Breakfast: 2 crumpets (2) with 80g jam (1) and a banana (1.5)
Lunch: 4 tesco light dutch crispbreads (2) with 3 slices wafer ham (0.5), a go ahead yoghurt break (2.5) and a fruit bag (0.5) + can of dr pepper zero (0)
Dinner: 75g wholewheat pasta (4) with 60g tomato puree (1) mushrooms + onions (0)
-S/f jelly (0.5)
Total: 15.5
ahhh how embarassing I messed up and went over my points on the first day!!:cry: But instead of running away and hiding and giving up completely I'm gonna be honest with myself, and I'm gonna restart tommorow and make sure this time I really do stick to it. It was because I ended up not going into college so I was stuck at home bored and thats when diaster always strikes! I'll plan out my food for tommorow later and write it in here...
Right, sorted out food for tommorow and I really am gonna stick to it this time. I'm feeling determined and positive :)

Breakfast: 2 chocolate weetabix (2.5) with 200ml skimmed milk (1) + a fruit bag (0.5)

Lunch: 80g quorn chicken pieces (1.5) with a sachet of wild rice/mixed veg (2.5) with extra roasted red + yellow peppers, mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes (0) and peri peri sauce (1)

Dinner: (Because I get back late): 6 jumbo bbq snack a jacks (3)

Snacks: A mini cake bite [they hand them round every thursday in english] (3) and s/f jelly (0.5)

Total: 15.5, bit under but I need to try and limit the damage done from my messed up first day anyway lol.
Monday 27th September:
Breakfast: 30g weetaflakes (1.5) with 150g fat free vanilla yoghurt (1) and chopped banana (1.5)
Lunch: 6 dutch crispbreads (3) with 4 slices wafer chicken (1) rice cake crisps (1) and weetabix bar (1)
Dinner: 75g brown pasta (4) with 60g tomato puree (1) onion, mushrooms, tomato and red pepper (0)
Evening snack: Rice cake crisps (1) and weetabix bar (1)
Total: 17
(Btw in case anyone actually reads this I realized I'm on 18 points a day.)

Breakfast: 30g weetaflakes (1.5) with 150g fat free strawberry yoghurt (1) 80g mixed summer berries (0.5) and a banana (1.5)

Lunch: 2 pieces wholemeal bread (2) with 10g flora extra light (0.5) and 3 pieces wafer chicken (0.5). Carton of raspberry ribena (1)

Dinner: 2 chicken burgers (4) with 350g butternut squash chips (0) 30g ketchup (0.5) and 50g thai sweet chilli sauce (0.5)
2 french fancies (4) Apple (0.5)
Total: 18

Drinks: Diet coke, water

Loving sticking with this :)
Wednesday 29th September

Breakfast: 2 chocolate weetabix (2.5) with skimmed milk (1). 150g fat free strawberry yoghurt (1) with 80g mixed summer berries (0.5)

Lunch: 2 pieces wholemeal bread (2) with 10g flora extra light (0.5) and 15g blackcurrant jam (0.5). packet of rice cake crisps (1) Carton of raspberry ribena (1)

Dinner: 250g jacket potato (3) with tin of weightwatchers tuna/sweetcorn (1) and salad (0) weightwatchers rich chocolate pot (1)

Evening snack (more like feast haha): 1 french fancie (2) apple (0.5) carrot sticks (0) packet of quavers (1.5)

Total: 19
Points saved: -1
Total points saved this week: 0
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Thursday 30th September:
Well todays been a bit of a diaster to be honest! I've had double my allowed points! But instead of running away and giving up like I usually would I'm not going to. I'm still going to post what I ate on here...and btw this was all before 2pm ! So I haven't been able to eat for rest of day lol, be warned its a lot:
-2 crumpets (2.5) with tbsp choc spread (1.5)
-2 pieces weightwatchers bread (1) with jam (0.5)
-3 dutch crispbreads (1.5) with tin of ww tuna/mayo/sweetcorn (1)
-150g fat free strawberry yoghurt (1) with berries (0.5)
-3 more crumpets (3.5) with chocolate spread (3)
-2 pancakes (6) with golden syrup (2)
-mini chocolate cake thing (4)
-60g krave cereal (5)
-2 pieces wholemeal bread (2) with ww tuna/mayo/sweetcorn (1)
Total: 36! :/

Definitely back on track tommorow :) Any suggestions like should I cut back on points the next few days or...? Not sure whats best to do.
Also I don't think anyone reads this but if they do could anyone tell me the points in alcohol like a big glass of rose wine, think its 3 but not overly sure?
Thanksss :)
Ahhh yesterday was even worse than thursday, I must of had actually like a million points! And the 7 glasses of wine on top of all the food didn't help either!
Still, nothing I can do now but stop stuffing my face lol
Going to a party later but am not drinking!!

Saturday 2nd October:
-2 weetabix bars (2)
-60g krave cereal (5)
-2 pieces ww fruit cake (4)
-2 pieces wholemeal bread (2) with ww tuna in coronation dressing (1)
-2 slices turkey (0.5)
-Sugar free jelly (0.5)
Total: 15
I like mondays, its a fresh start :)
I lost 2 pounds last week, god knows how, I completely messed up?! Still...not complaining :D
This week is gonna be a 100% good week :) I'm gonna try really hard to save points for the weekend.

Monday 4th October:
Breakfast: A banana (1.5) and 4 jumbo bbq snack a jacks (2)
Lunch: A wholemeal pitta bread (2) with 50g reduced fat hummus (2) Sugar free jelly (0.5) Fibre plus bar (2)
Dinner: Weightwatchers pasta bolognese meal (6)
Total: 16 Points saved: 2
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Tuesday 5th October:
Breakfast: 100g banana (1.5) weightwatchers vanilla yoghurt (0.5)
Lunch: 5 jumbo bbq snack a jacks (2.5) apple (0.5)
Dinner (massive pig out haha!): 4 crumpets (4) with 15g chocolate spread (1.5) jam (1), a wholemeal pitta bread (2) with 50g reduced fat hummus (2) a fibre plus bar (2) butternut squash chips (0) with 50g bbq sauce (0.5)
Total: 18
Points saved: 0
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Wednesday 6th October:
Breakfast: 2 pieces weightwatchers brown bread (1) 2 rashers weightwatchers bacon (1) flora extra light (0.5) ketchup (0.5), 2 crumpets (2) with golden syrup (2), weightwatchers yoghurt (0.5)
Lunch: Wholemeal pitta bread (2) with 50g reduced fat hummus (2) nutrigrain bar (2) apple (0.5)
Dinner: 3 crumpets (3) with golden syrup (2.5) sugar free jelly (0.5)
Total: 20 Points saved: -2 Total points saved this week: 0 ( need to save some before saturday/sunday)
Thursday 7th October:
I've gone over my points a bit today but have stopped before too much damage was done. But yet again I ate this all before 1pm so now I am starving! Silly me :/ Still, never mind!
Breakfast: Tin of peaches (2.5) Nutrigrain bar (2)
Lunch (this was where it went very wrong!): a tesco healthy living quiche (14) 5 jumbo bbq snack a jacks (2.5) weetabix bar (1) sugar free jelly (0.5)
Total: 22.5 Saved: -4.5
Will try and claw back a few of the points over the next few days.
aww thank you :)
I'm actually on 18 points a day, I just calculated it wrong at the beginning lol.
But yeah not TOO much to lose, about 10/11 pounds ish to go til I'm at my ideal weight, as I put on about a stone recently and want to lose it before my birthday in a month and a half.
From your photo you look lovely too :)
Sounds like your doing ok to me!! good luck for your next weigh day!! and your stunning!! :D
thank you very much cherrysummer :)

welllll...unfortunately last night was not good..gave into the hunger and overate a lot!:cry:still....line drawn, I'm not gonna let this week just go downhill again because of one bad day!
3 days til weigh in and I want to see a positive result! Will update with todays food later x
Friday 8th October:
Breakfast: 40g weetabix fruit and nut minis (2) apple (0.5) weightwatchers vanilla yoghurt (0.5)
Lunch: 1/2 tesco healthy living quiche (7) nutrigrain bar (2)
Dinner: Weightwatchers chicken tikka massala and rice ready meal (5.5)
Evening snack: Butternut squash chips (0) with 50g ketchup (0.5)
Total: 18 points
Don't worry i had a really bad day yesterday!! and went over my points!! but like you said today is a new day. I have 4 more days till weigh in and i will be good :D need to be losing at least 2lb a week!! so i must try harder hehe

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