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Thread: Argh. Mixed up Exante and Slim and Save on day 2.

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    Argh. Mixed up Exante and Slim and Save on day 2.

    Hi there

    I wasn't sure which VLCD to follow so I ordered a taster pack from S&S but then ordered a two week pack from Exante. My plan was to a week of S&S then change to Exante once in ketosis. I have no idea if this is a good plan as I am new to this.

    I started slim and save yesterday and had 4 meal packs. For breakfast this morning I noticed I didn't have any porridge as was only sent one sachet in my weekly taster pack and couldn't face a shake or soup as had been up since 4.30 am with my toddler so I had a pack of Exante porridge.

    I am now panicking as on S&S I can have 4 packs but on Exante only 3. Was planning on having S&S packs for the rest of the day but if I have 1 pack of Exante for breakfast and three slim and save packs for the rest of the day will this be too many calories and delay going in ketosis further or am I worrying over nothing?

    Sorry for rambling!

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    Hi, i don't think u will have any problem, as u go into ketosis with exante as well (that's what i'm on) there isn't a lot of difference in the calories, as exante is 200 and slim and save 130, so i don't think to be honest that 70 calories will make a huge difference, especially as its only one day.

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    I would deffo recommend slim and save to all of my friends. I know that the plans are quite different to other vlcd's but i enjoy having an extra pack as i dont feel as hungry and the results i get are fantastic. The customer service is next to none and they are really helpful over the phone and the fact that you can eat "real" foods on the plan is a great idea and it gives me something to look forward to throughout the day.
    The prices are much cheaper with more or less the same results so its great if you are on a tight budget like myself. Give it a go! xoxox

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