This is 100% the last and final push to that body people are envious of! That body where I could wear a swim suit or maybe even a bikini and feel confident!

Somehow I didn't 'gain' any weight over Christmas but I know if I carried on the way I was I would most definitely gain and feel even more sluggish!

Yesterday I began (for the umpteenth time) on my fitness pal (leedsforever) if anyone wants to add me and I have to be honest I found myself very hungry. I do train well, and I am wanting to run the 10k race for life in June. So that's my goal time!

Wish my luck !

This morning weighed in at 11 stone 13 .. Tonight I have a personal training session and will start the couch to 10k training programme !

Here's to a healthier fitter body! :-)