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Thread: Mamaging on 26 pp

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    Mamaging on 26 pp

    I there just as it says who is having to manage on 26 pp?? Can you give me am idea on what you eat and how you do it???

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    Hiya. I am at goal and have been using 26pp a day even though leader said to increase it for maintenance but I tend to use more weeklies than 49 so it kind of balances out. Anyway 26pp is manageable if u are cute with your points. Here might be a typical day for me:

    Two weetabix with fat free milk and banana - 4pp

    Lunch: home made no point veg soup - 0pp
    Salad with lettuce, peppers, cucumber, couscous 1pp worth, boiled egg - 2pp, slice of ham - 1pp
    Slice of brown bread - 2pp

    Just an example of what I had today
    Spicy bean burger from Aldi - 6pp
    Butternut squash chips - 0pp
    Broccoli - 0pp
    Roasted carrots & parsnips - 2pp for the parsnip
    Sweet chilli sauce - 1pp

    Tea with drop of fat free milk and sugar - 1pp
    Peppermint tea - 0pp
    Apple - 0pp
    Grapes - 0pp
    Yogurt - 2pp
    Two squares of chocolate - 4pp

    Total - 26pp


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